Valentine’s Day Looks for Every Activity

Whether you see Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year or as just another chance for a self-love celebration, get expert tips on your look from Victoria Donelda.

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Written by Dia Beauty Adviser Victoria Donelda


Valentine’s Day is the most aesthetically pleasing holiday of the year to me. I love the sweet pinks, berries, reds, and endless pastel tones. The color palette not only inspires my wardrobe, but it also plays a huge role in the makeup I wear.

No matter how you’re celebrating, here are three amazing looks you’ll fall head over heels for.

valentine's day plus size pink tank top mauve cardigan skinny jeans

Look 1: It’s All About Me

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a little “me time.” I love going on excursions—trying new cafes, strolling around my favorite bookstore, taking myself to an afternoon matinee, or maybe even going on a solo shopping trip. Everything is on my own clock. When I get the chance to treat myself, I reach for comfy separates and plan a simple, glowy makeup look that’s perfect for taking selfies.

The Steps

valentine's day victoria donelda eye patches

To prep, boost your skin’s glow and suppleness by popping on some hydrating eye patches. I like to keep these in the refrigerator and use them to help with puffiness and general fatigue.

valentine's day victoria donelda goddess glow

For a goddess glow, use a liquid illuminator to boost that radiance. You can apply this in targeted zones if you want a spotlight glow, or all over like me. You can also mix it with moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer.

valentine's day victoria donelda blending tinted moisturizer

Keep the rest of the look light by enhancing your skin’s radiance, not covering anything up. Apply a tinted moisturizer to the center of your face and work it outward with a buffing brush.

valentine's day victoria donelda eyebrows

If you can’t leave your house without a certain feature showcased, play it up. Comb through your brows so they’re going in the same direction (if I don’t, I’m a total werewolf!), and add a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks to make them look fuller. Cream is best for a subtle, dewy look.

valentine's day victoria donelda it's all about me look
valentine's day plus size heart sweater pink scarf denim skirt

Look 2: Grab Your Galentines

One of my favorite things to do in February is spend time with the loves of my life—my friends. I am always down for a weeknight dinner to catch up with my gal pals or a trip to get our nails done. I love to feel as feminine and fierce as I can when I’m out with my besties—that’s why I choose playful pieces in pretty pastels and a beauty look that packs a punch.

The Steps

valentine's day victoria donelda cream bronzer

Add depth to your eye by taking a cream bronzer and putting some color on the crease of your lid.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying cat eye

Liquid eyeliner is the easiest way to get a fool-proof cat eye. Hold your mirror slightly below the eye so that when you look down to apply, you naturally add tension to the outer eye area. From there, let the side of the liner connect from the tip of the wing back down to the root of your lashes.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying mascara

After you’re ready to take flight with your wings, add a few coats of mascara to really darken your lashes. This creates the rest of the drama that your eyes will command.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying lip liner

From here, apply your favorite blushy hue and lip.

valentine's day victoria donelda final look galentine's day
valentine's day plus size printed dress lattice neck

Look 3: Date Night Vibes

If I’m hitting the town with my significant other, whether we’re going dancing or just heading out for dessert, I love to feel as flirty as I can. A new dress with pops of red and my loveliest accessories strike the perfect match—and glittery, romantic makeup completes the look. (If pinks and berries aren’t your scene, don’t be afraid to try these techniques with colors you favor. Remember, you can create a beautiful smokey eye with any colors you want because smokey is referring to the technique, not the colors used!)

The Steps

valentine's day victoria donelda eyeshadow palate

Start off by placing a mid-tone mauve in your crease with a blending brush. Sweep this color throughout the crease of the eye and diffuse the color along the outer edge with a clean blending brush.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying eyeshadow to lash line

Take a deeper berry shade and focus more on the outer edge of the eye. Make sure you apply the color lower than where you placed the first color. Then smoke out the lower lash line in the order of the colors used. Take the first color further into the inner corner just like you did on top, and keep the berry closer to the lash line, then stop around mid-pupil.

valentine's day victoria donelda glitter

Add some glitter! I love adding a little bit of glam to the lid using glitter. It makes me feel fierce and will keep your date staring into your eyes…or at your eyelids, at least.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying false eyelashes

For a bit of extra fullness, apply a simple, wispy lash. Pro tip: If you’re a first-time lash wearer, find a pair that has a clear band. They’re infinitely more comfortable and quite a bit easier to lay down close to your natural lashes.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying highlight

Don’t forget to highlight under the brow bone and your cheekbones to create that lift and elongation to the eyes and face. I use golden highlights for my olive skin tone, but a rosy highlight works great this time of year.

valentine's day victoria donelda applying lip gloss

Sign off with a glossy nude lip! I love a nude lip for two reasons: 1, because it’s cute as heck, and 2, because over the course of eating, drinking, and maybe even a kiss or two, it will fade much more evenly than a bold lip.

valentine's day victoria donelda final look date night

The key to finding your confidence this Valentine’s Day is to play around with your look and explore something new, whether that be a style, makeup technique, or beauty product. For more style and makeup talk and tips, follow me on Instagram. Tag me in any looks inspired by this post so I can see what you all are up to!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I hope you’re spending it surrounded by love and happiness.


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Victoria Donelda

Dia Beauty Adviser & Makeup Expert


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