If the pressure of your workload or relationships is weighing on you, take action by participating in these activities known for their stress-relieving properties.

1. Exercise

Take the edge off of the mental stress by moving your body. The endorphins that are released from exercise can help lower stress and anxiety. Not to mention, exercise is known to improve your quality of sleep, which could help you feel more prepared to take on a big day.

Try swapping out a short drive with a walk, as the combination of a change of scenery and a little movement can give you quite the mood boost. Or, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator if your schedule is too slammed to fit a workout in. If working out sounds like a daunting chore for you, consider attending a dance-based class like Zumba with your girlfriends, hitting the roller rink, or going for a bike ride because there is something about that magical feeling of the wind blowing through your hair that makes you forget your to-do list. Not to mention, doing so in style with Dia&Co Active might help you feel even better.

2. Aromatherapy

Scents can be extremely soothing. Lighting a candle or using essential oils may reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. We always think that any form of self-care is a good idea, especially if you’re having a particularly stressful week. If the fancy spas think it’s a good idea to make the place smell like lavender, rose, or bergamot, we think creating your own spa-like environment complete with aromatherapeutic scents is an even better idea.

3. Laughter

It’s cliche to say that laughter is the best medicine, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Laughing relieves tension by relaxing your muscles and can even relieve your stress response. It’s simply harder to feel anxious when you’re laughing. Spend some time with your funniest friends, watching the TV shows that make you giggle, or hit a comedy club. Sometimes, just saying the reasons why you’re stressed while laughing can help you release some of the stress you’re holding onto.

4. Music

Put together a playlist that helps the world spin a bit slower as music has been known to reduce stress too. If you know there is one song that always calms you down, put it on and feel free to play it on repeat until you don’t feel like you need it anymore. On days when you need more energy, listen to a playlist full of songs that are more energetic.

5. Cuddles

There’s a reason why it’s so fun to cuddle our loved ones and furry friends! Positive physical contact can help release oxytocin and lower cortisol. This means your blood pressure and heart rate can be lowered from snuggles, so dole out the hugs freely and squeeze the hands of your loved ones. A little physical contact can do a lot to combat your stress and theirs!

Bonus Tip: Saying no.

Often times the stressors in our lives are not in our control. But when they are, it’s important that we exercise our right to say no to the asks that we don’t have the bandwidth to handle or support. If you regularly find yourself taking on more than you can handle, it would be smart to be selective about what you can take on. Your time and energy are precious resources, so distribute them thoughtfully. Self-care isn’t selfish, and making sure you have the time and energy for you isn’t selfish either.

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now? Looking for ways to clear your mind and get rid of emotional baggage? Give these tips a try to see if they can help you find a mellow moment. If you have stress relief tips that you love to practice, give us a shout on social and let us know what you do to find peace.