How to Keep That Summer Glow Vibrant

Summer always has our skin looking gorgeous, sun-kissed, and glowing. So, we turned to Dia’s Beauty Adviser, Victoria Donelda, for her tips on keeping that summer glow throughout all the seasons—because you deserve to shine all year long! 


Here are my top three beauty tips and tricks to keep your summer glow shining!


Tip #1: Make Your Tan Last

If you’ve been out in the sun this summer and acquired a new tan, you may want to keep that bronze glow around a little longer. I find that the best way to make my tan last is to really take care of my skin. This includes daily moisturizing, using a body scrub once or twice a week in the shower, and using a little body highlighter for that extra-beachy glow.

I like to first gently exfoliate my skin in the shower, especially spots where I experience rough skin. For me, that’s my elbows and knees! It keeps my skin from looking dry and dehydrated and keeps my skin feeling soft.

After showering, apply a body oil or lotion to give your skin a hydration boost. I try to moisturize my whole body twice a day to keep my tan going strong and skin feeling soft. As your skin cells turn over and the tan fades, a body highlighter will give your skin a bit of that glow well into fall.


My favorite body highlighter is Goldie Rocks Glow Oil from Sol de Janeiro. I put it on my shoulders, collarbone, legs, and arms for that fresh-off-the-beach glow!


Tip #2: Popsicle Pout

In the summertime, I love a sheer lip. It reminds me of being a kid and having a popsicle on the porch after dinner. That sweet little fruit lip stain from a popsicle is what I like to recreate for myself now. It makes me feel youthful, effortless, and fun.

Take a lipliner with a warm undertone, just like I have here—I recommend choosing a liner a few shades darker than your natural lip color to really contour your lip line and make it believable. I like to slightly over-stain my lips in the center only, on both the top and bottom lip. This gives you a little bit more fullness in your look but nothing too glam.

After applying the stain, take a sheer lipstick or lipgloss and fill in the center of the lines you’ve created. I love working with tangerine, berry, red, and pink shades this time of year. Want to create this look but don’t have a sheer lip product? Apply your regular lipgloss or lipstick and then blot off the excess with a tissue. This will help to sheer out the color for a similar look!

Tip #3: Faux Freckles


They say you always want what you don’t have, and they are so right when it comes to freckles! While I did not inherit my mom’s beautiful all-over freckles, I have learned how to make some very believable ones through my years as a makeup artist. It’s actually really easy!

You will need a few brown matte powders or shadows, a makeup setting spray, and an eyebrow brush. But if you do not have a brow brush with a bristle end like I’m using, a fresh toothbrush (which you can pick up at your local the dollar store) will work perfectly for all of your freckling needs!

I like to scrape a few of the shades into a palette to use. Then, spray 3-4 pumps of a waterproofing makeup setting spray into the palette’s lid and stir the mixture with a brow brush. The more liquid you add, the sheerer your freckles. I generally will do two or three layers of freckles of various opacity for a more realistic look.

From here you want to use your thumb and forefinger to fleck the mixture on to your face. This can be a little nerve-wracking because it’s all chance, but that is how freckles are in real life! I find that if I go through and hand draw my freckles, they often look too staged on and symmetrical because even when we try to purposefully be asymmetrical, our brain seeks order. It’s just quite difficult to do—plus it takes much longer.

The closer the brush is to your face, the larger and closer together your freckles will be. Pull back and the more spread out and finer they’ll look. I like to start closer at my nose and forehead so they’re more concentrated there and move my brush out towards the perimeter of my face. You can even try this look with non-natural colors for a fun look. There are no rules! Makeup is my favorite art form because every day is a new opportunity to explore.


If you try out any of these tips, tweet or tag me in your pictures @victoriadonelda!

Beauty Adviser Victoria Donelda shares her tips for keeping your glowing summer skin radiating.

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