5 Essentials for Body-Positive Fall Fitness Looks

Fall is on its way, and at Dia&Co, we’re most excited about bundling up for cool weather, getting out to crunch crisp leaves underfoot, and rocking new plus-size activewear for every seasonal adventure.

Dia&Co is excited to bring you premium, plus-size fitness wear catered to your specific needs in fit, budget, and style.

As you prepare your active wardrobe for fall weather and activities, keep these five essential elements in mind.

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Comfort, Quality & Flexibility

The most basic element of any piece of activewear is its function and utility. After all, its primary purpose is to move with you and support you in your activity of choice. That activity may be training for a marathon, or it might be keeping up with your kids’ busy schedules. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed as long as your clothes can keep up.

When you’re shopping for activewear, pay attention to the quality of fabrics and materials used to create each piece. Examine how the garment holds up under normal movements like stretching, bending, and lifting.

If you’re shopping for plus-size leggings, we always recommend what we like to call “The Squat Test.” Take a deep squat in front of a mirror. Make sure your leggings don’t ride up or roll down and watch to see that the fabric doesn’t become sheer in all the wrong places as it stretches. Not only does sheer fabric share more of you than you were perhaps intending to show in public, but it indicates that the fabrics used are of poor quality and will not hold up well over time.

Comfort is essential in activewear. Too often, designers sacrifice comfort in favor of setting a trend. But at Dia&Co, we know you can be stylish and still be comfortable. When it comes to activewear, if you’re not comfortable, you’re missing the point.

In the fall, your clothing choices should be warm yet breathable. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep you dry and, as a result, keep you warmer when you step outside. Remember the bonus comforts of having options like pockets and adjustable zippers.

And don’t forget one of the best parts of fabulous fall weather: layers. Layers make your outfit as flexible as the rest of your lifestyle. Throw on a cute jacket in the morning when the air is crisp and shed the layer in the afternoon when the weather warms up.

Layers can also help you dress an active look up or down as you move from a morning workout to afternoon errands to a casual dinner with friends.

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Too many plus-size outfits only come in basic black. Don’t get us wrong—we love black too, but we also believe that your clothes should have as much personality as you do.

Dia&Co offers activewear in a variety of colors, patterns, and prints. Fall is the perfect time of year to pair your favorite joggers with a brightly colored jacket. In the sweet spot between summer and winter, you can play with combining bright summer shades and deeper winter jewel tones.

And don’t forget to spice things up with gentle embellishments like studs, powerful patterns, or color-blocking.

plus size activewear kanoa green dia&co activewear


At the end of the day, the most essential element of any outfit is feeling great. Your activewear should make you want to celebrate your body and have fun.

When your clothes deliver the value of true support and performance, then you know you’ve found the right look for fall or any other season.


At Dia&Co, our stylists are ready to help you unlock plus-size styles that do just that. Start by browsing our collections for inspiration on looks you’d like to try. For even more inspiration, check out our favorite body-positive Instagram influencers as they rock their fall fitness looks.



Fall is finally here. Here are the 5 essentials to keep in mind as you shop for plus size activewear this season at Dia&Co.

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