While straight size yogis have countless clothing options (think: one-piece bodysuits and the trendiest styles and prints), historically, plus-size yogis haven’t had the same options, and sometimes have to settle for wearing tees and leggings to the yoga studio.

Because yoga is supposed to be performed in a meditative state, complete with constant reminders from teachers to set intentions and listen to your body, it can be incredibly distracting when your clothing comes out of place in the middle of a pose. When your arms are wrapped around each other in eagle arms and your pants begin to slip, it’s impossible to adjust without coming out of the pose completely.

To help you spend more time perfecting your pose and less time adjusting your clothes, we’re breaking down exactly what makes up the perfect plus-size yoga outfit.

Fitted yoga top.

An Upside Down-Friendly Top

Whether you’re in a handstand or a downward dog, the last thing you want to do is come out of your pose to adjust your gapping top. Your arms have an important job to do, and adjusting your top shouldn’t take priority. While working out in an oversized T-shirt is something that a runner could get away with, yogis should look for fitted tops. Additionally, if you’re busty, you may feel more comfortable in a top that doesn’t have a low neckline as many poses require crossing your arms in front of your body and the inversions may leave you feeling like your breasts are on display when you’re upside down.

Here are some features to look for:

  • Stretchy fabric that will stay fitted against the body, even while upside down.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry, especially for those Bikram classes.
  • Higher necklines that will keep you covered so you don’t feel like your cleavage is always visible, especially in those inversion poses.
Fitted yoga pants.

Pants That Stay In Place

Just like when it comes to our everyday denim and leggings, it’s crucial to find activewear pants that stay up, and that can remain in place as your body is stretching and moving from pose to pose. Transitioning from chaturanga to upward dog can result in your high-waisted leggings rolling down, requiring you to stop and adjust. The right pair of yoga pants won’t roll down, even when you’re sweaty at the end of a tough class.

As with all plus-size yoga clothing, the right pair of pants will also allow you to move and contort your body from pose to pose without restricting you or digging in. However, a pair of really flowy pants that are far from restrictive can create their own issue of gaping when upside down or even of stepping on your own pants in certain poses. The ideal pair of yoga pants can both move with you and stay in place.

Here are some features to look for:

  • High-waisted pants that come up over the hips and belly button. Before you buy a pair, try them on and do a vinyasa flow in them (even if that’s in the fitting room!) to make sure that they don’t fall down.
  • Stretchy fabric that moves with you from pose to pose without digging in or restricting your body.
  • A fitted silhouette so you don’t catch yourself stepping on the fabric of your own pants, so you and your teacher can see your form more clearly, and so your pants don’t slide down in an inversion.

Whether you’re a beginner yogi taking your first class or an avid practitioner, the right yoga outfit can make your experience so much better. Ultimately, the best yoga outfit is one you never notice or have to adjust! No matter if your pose is upside down, right-side-up, or side plank, your clothing shouldn’t come out of place or restrict you from fully expressing a pose. If you’re a yogi, whether a beginner or a regular, make sure to let your Dia Stylist know exactly what activities you’re doing and what styles you’d like to help you perform the best you can.