Top 5 Workouts to Do with Your Girlfriends

Finding the motivation to get active can be tough. But, when your girlfriends are there to encourage you? It’s a pretty hard opportunity to pass up. Here are some of our favorite group fitness activities that we think you and your gal pals will have a blast with.

This South American-inspired fitness program feels much more like a dance party than a workout. Incorporating aerobic moves, dance, and high-energy music, you’re sure to have a blast. Bonus points: If you lack dance coordination—you’re bound for a laugh attack (which everyone knows is a great core workout!).

If you live somewhere with true natural beauty, hiking is a no-brainer. Not only will time in the great outdoors give you and your girlfriends much-needed time to catch up, but fresh air and quality time with Mother Nature is always a good way to clear a cluttered mind. Not sure where to get started? Check out to find trails of all levels in your area.

Water Aerobics
Looking for something low impact for sensitive joints? Water-based activities are the perfect option if you suffer from a past injury or joint pain. Check out your local public pool for class options, and you may even have the opportunity to try unique classes like Aqua Cycling.

While yoga is for every body, it can be especially beneficial for those of us that spend the majority of our workday sitting at a desk hunched over a computer. Reverse that hunch with gentle backbends and learn techniques to stretch and strengthen muscles all over your body. Not only is yoga great for your spine, hips, and muscles, but its meditation components provide incredible mental health benefits. If heading to the nearby yoga studio is intimidating, invite a girlfriend or two over and follow along with some beginner YouTube yoga. Get started with the Curvy Yoga YouTube channel.

Embarking on a cardio-intense fitness regimen can be intimidating. Going from the couch to regular morning runs is a big jump. Try taking a cycling class to raise that heart rate. Cycling classes, or spin classes, generally offer fun high-energy music and instructors that will push you harder than you would push yourself. If you and your girlfriends have bikes at home, you may prefer cycling out in the open air together. Find a great trail at


Check out these fun group workouts that are perfect for getting your sweat on, bonding with your girlfriends, and creating new friends. Gather the crew this weekend!

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