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reah norman in a spring outfit

#MyDiaStyle Roundup: Spring Edition

The sun is shining, the flowers are blossoming, and spring style is in full bloom. Check out what the Dia Community is wearing to welcome the warmer weather!

Why These 6 Women Don’t “Dress Their Age”

What does it mean to “dress your age?” According to these women, absolutely nothing.

How to Raise Body-Positive Children

The next generation of moms is here with their advice on building body confidence in kids from a young age.

2 Dia Stylists & Their Moms on Fashion & Fearlessness

Find out what Dia Stylists Christine and Megan have learned from their moms about style—and what they’ve taught them in return.

The Truth About Plus-Size Pregnancy

Jen McLellan on cutting through the online negativity and preparing yourself for what it’s really like to be pregnant and give birth in a plus-size body.

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