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Spotlight on Emily DeRoo

Get acquainted with the winner of our 12 Days of Dia prize and the star of our latest photo shoot, Dia&Co customer Emily.

Style Journeys: Suzanne Bucher

Hear the stories of the incredible women in the Dia Community.

Active Journey: Andrea DiMaio

Meet the member of the Curvy Kili Crew who loves the great outdoors and is an aspiring yoga teacher.

Active Journey: Yolanda Berry

Yolanda is a member of the Curvy Kili Crew and has been active her whole life, but still, she often felt isolated during her fitness classes.

Bisa Myles

Active Journey: Bisa Myles

From her own anxiety to her cancer recovery, Curvy Kili Crew member Bisa Myles overcame multiple obstacles to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Active Journey: Christa Singleton

Discover how Christa Singleton’s experience hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro taught her to appreciate her body and all it can accomplish.