Finally, women sizes 14 and above can define their style with words that aren’t limited to simply to the phrase “plus size.” Plus size clothing for women is a size category and does not speak to the array of individual style preferences that our diverse plus community enjoys. Because for so long women’s plus size fashion options have been limited, we haven’t had too many chances to walk into unique boutiques and find the styles that speak to us. So we’re breaking down some unique style profiles in our “What’s My Style” series to help you discover how to best define your personal style. Today, we’re taking on glam style!

Glam is, of course, short for glamorous. Think fur coats, statement jewelry, and girly heels with a pair of stylish plus size jeans. While there are several ways to be glam, generally the style tends to be more on the feminine side. But don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to being just one thing—you can certainly be “boho glam,” or “retro glam” or something in-between. While casual style is best defined as fuss-free comfort, glam is defined as extra and fancy. Think of a spectrum with extremely casual being on one end and extremely glam on the opposite, and most people falling somewhere in between. We all have a casual outfit every now and then, but those of us who are glam, our “casual” outfit might just feature metallic sneakers, a belted jumpsuit, and a bold lip. Does this sound like it might be you? Then it might be time to update your style profile to glam.

Here’s an example of a Dia Style Box featuring glam pieces.

This Dia Style box features glam pieces including embellished denim, a crop top, floral dress, and bomber jacket.

To help you get a sense of glam style, here are some good rules of thumb:

You probably have glam style if:

  • You’d feel naked if your outfit included just one piece of jewelry.
  • You feel unstoppable in a (faux) fur coat.
  • Makeup is super important to you, and you wear it most days.
  • You love making an entrance and are comfortable being what others may consider “over-dressed.”
  • You rock a bold lip or a smokey eye to complete your outfits.
  • Flats are at a minimum in your closet—but the few you do have are embellished.
  • Your nails are always freshly done, and you play with bold and flashy polishes.

You probably do not have glam style if:

  • Sneakers are your thing, and sometimes flats, but rarely do you wear heels.
  • Pieces that require special undergarments, like strapless bras, sit in your closet without ever getting worn.
  • You rarely wear dresses or skirts, you wear pants almost all the time.
  • You like to stick to a few special pieces of jewelry. You don’t like to play with fashion or costume jewelry.
  • You like to fly under-the-radar and don’t like your clothing to draw too much attention to you.
  • Your nails are generally polish-free and you prefer it that way.

Read on to see some of our favorite glam outfits, including amazing plus size jeans for women, to help you further define your style!

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