Nerecina is a plus-size & size-inclusive, made-to-order fashion brand that creates luxurious, customizable, and sustainably made formal, bridal, and ready-to-wear fashion that makes a statement.

Nerecina’s goal is to change the way women shop by creating stunning, unique designs in luxurious fabrics, doing away with categories and ideals, and offering customization options for every style they sell— while being socially responsible and promoting body positivity. For any special event, you’ll look and feel as amazing as we all should.

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Get to Know Jenine

Dia: What led you to start your own line?

JN: Starting Nerecina has been a lifelong dream of mine. I’ve been sewing since I was just 7 years old, creating clothes for my Barbie dolls, and honestly, I can’t even remember dreaming about anything else other than making women look and feel fabulous in beautiful clothes. Fashion has always been my true passion.

When I went to college for fashion design, though, I hit a bit of a roadblock. They wanted us to focus on sample sizes only, which meant I couldn’t even wear the clothes I was creating. It was frustrating, to say the least. But that setback actually fueled my determination to do something different in the fashion industry.

Shortly after graduating, I took the leap and founded Nerecina—a luxury, size-inclusive fashion brand dedicated to serving women of all shapes and sizes. My vision was to offer a range of clothing that celebrates the diversity of women’s bodies. Nerecina stands out for its focus on made-to-order, custom, and small-batch creations, perfect for those extra special moments in life.

Dia: How would you describe your style?

JN: When it comes to my style as a designer, I’d say it’s all about classic silhouettes with a twist. I love taking timeless shapes and giving them a fresh, unique spin. The beauty of classic styles is that they complement every body type, and that’s something I truly believe in.

As a designer, my approach is different from many others out there. I don’t design for myself, but rather, I design with the Nerecina customer in mind. My focus is on creating pieces that will make our customers feel confident and beautiful, regardless of their body shape or size.

Reimagining staple silhouettes allows me to infuse my own creativity and personality into each design, making it a true representation of the Nerecina brand. The ultimate goal is to offer garments that not only look good but also make our customers feel amazing when they wear them.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact our designs have on our customers’ lives. Knowing that they feel great in our clothing is what drives me as a designer. I am passionate about ensuring that everyone who wears Nerecina feels empowered and beautiful, and that’s what keeps me inspired to create each and every day.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the clothes—it’s about feeling valued and celebrated as plus-size women.

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Dia: Can you share a highlight of your career?

JN: The absolute peak of my career so far has been the incredible experience of having my designs featured in magazines and worn on the red carpet! It’s truly a dream come true. I remember watching award shows in the past and thinking, “Hey, my designs should be up there too!” And now, seeing my creations grace those star-studded events is beyond surreal.

This year has been nothing short of mind-blowing. I’ve had the honor of dressing someone for every major award show so far, and it’s been such a thrilling journey. If someone had told me just last year that this would be my reality now, I wouldn’t have believed them for a second. It’s a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and never giving up on your dreams.

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Dia: What styles are your favorite in this new collection?

JN: This year, my absolute favorite design has to be The Ultimate Party Dress! I’m so in love with it. The dress is made from tulle, which gives it this amazing, whimsical vibe. It’s incredibly fun to wear!

What makes this dress even more special is that it looks stunning on any body type. We’ve got 14 fun and vibrant colors available, so you can pick the one that speaks to your soul. From bold and bright to soft and elegant, there’s something for everyone. You can also play around with different looks by choosing to wear it with or without sleeves. It’s like having two stunning dresses in one!

I think this is the most versatile design I’ve ever created. It’s perfect for any special occasion. From birthday bashes to weddings, The Ultimate Party Dress is your go-to for making a statement and feeling fabulous.

The Ultimate Party Dress is available at
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Dia: What are you excited to add to your wardrobe this year?

JN: I plan on adding absolutely nothing to my wardrobe, or at least I’ll give it my best shot. Now, you might wonder why, especially considering that I’m in the business of selling clothes. Well, the truth is, I feel that the fashion industry generates an immense amount of waste, and I want to do my part to make a positive impact.

Instead of constantly buying new pieces, I’m exploring ways to modify my existing wardrobe to better suit my needs and style. Whether it’s tailoring, embellishing, or repurposing, I believe there’s so much potential to breathe new life into the clothes I already own. I’ve also embraced the beauty of pre-loved fashion. Buying second-hand clothes allows me to contribute to a more sustainable fashion cycle, giving existing garments a chance for a new chapter in their life. It’s not only eco-friendly but also an exciting treasure hunt, discovering unique and timeless pieces with their own stories to tell.

By taking this path, I hope to inspire others to be more mindful in their fashion choices as well. It’s about breaking away from the notion of constant consumption and finding creative ways to cherish and reinvent what we already have.

As a designer, this journey has influenced my perspective on creating clothes too. I aim to design pieces that stand the test of time, both in terms of style and quality. It’s my commitment to crafting garments that customers will love and cherish for years to come.

Dia: What do you want to see from fashion in the next 5 years?

JN: In the next five years, my vision for the fashion industry is to witness a genuine shift towards a size-inclusive landscape, where larger-sized women don’t have to fight for representation. It’s undeniable that brands have taken steps to extend their size ranges, but we need them to embrace this movement wholeheartedly.

I firmly believe that plus-size women deserve the same diverse options and fashion choices as our straight-sized counterparts. It’s time for the industry to break free from the traditional constraints and truly celebrate the beauty and diversity of all body types.

In this inclusive future, fashion brands should wholeheartedly embrace larger sizes, ensuring that every woman can find clothing that makes her feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. It’s about more than just token offerings; it’s about building a fashion world where every woman feels seen and valued.

As a designer, I am committed to playing my part in this revolution, creating collections that cater to all shapes and sizes without compromising on style, quality, or creativity. I want to be part of a movement that brings about real change in the industry, where plus-size women are no longer an afterthought but the focal point of design inspiration.

Imagine a world where fashion is not bound by limitations, but instead, it thrives on the celebration of individuality and inclusivity. That’s the future I’m passionate about, and I’ll continue to work tirelessly to bring it to life. Together, we can create a fashion industry that uplifts and empowers all women, regardless of their size, and I’m excited to be part of this transformative journey.

Photo Credit Jenny Roso Photography
Photo Credit Jenny Roso Photography

Dia: What do you love about 11 Honoré | Dia&Co integrating and becoming the premier destination for plus-size fashion?

JN: The 11 Honoré and Dia & Co partnership is a game-changer for plus-size women! Finally, there are more clothing options that cater to our needs, and it’s like a breath of fresh air. Now we have a shopping space that’s all about us, curated with our styles and sizes in mind—no more worries about whether clothes will fit!

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the clothes—it’s about feeling valued and celebrated as plus-size women. This partnership is a major step in the right direction, and I’m excited to see where it takes us.

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