I absolutely adore getting ready for the fall and winter seasons because there are certain pieces, fabrics, and silhouettes that you can count on as wardrobe essentials. Out of all the fall/winter staples, leather has to be my absolute favorite! Investing in a quality plus-size faux leather piece will instantly upgrade your wardrobe and keep you in style for years to come. 

This year, leather is hotter than ever, and the styles have expanded way beyond the typical plus-size faux leather jacket. Now you can find tops, bustiers, dresses, skirts, and so much more in this edgy and sophisticated material. Faux leather is not only versatile but also incredibly durable, making it a fantastic addition to your closet. As a plus-size shopper faux leather can also offer more stretch for a comfortable fit, which let’s face it, if your outfit doesn’t fit well, is it really a good outfit? So, if you’re on the hunt for some irresistible plus-size leather pieces to level up your wardrobe, look no further than Dia & Co. We’ve rounded up our top ten must-have plus-size faux leather items for this fall season. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect additions to your autumn and winter fashion collection!

Plus Size Faux Leather Outerwear

Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings

Plus Size Faux Leather Skirt

Plus Size Faux Leather Dress

Plus Size Faux Leather Trousers

Plus Size Faux Leather Pants

Plus-size faux leather pieces are a must-have for fall, and Dia & Co has them all. These items can be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe, and they’re sure to give you the edge you’ve been looking for. What are you waiting for? Update your wardrobe today and be on-trend this fall season.

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