Whether it starts with a dress that helps you feel glamorous, or jeans that fit just right, the power of style is real and can transform the way you take on the world. At Dia & Co, we unlock style possibilities for people who wear sizes 10-32. The goal? To help you tap into your style superpower. We turned to our resident experts, our Dia & Co stylists, to get their personal styling tips and the scoop on the pieces that help them feel unstoppable.

Woman wearing plus-size dress and jeans.

Sabrina’s Superpower Pick

“I love my favorite jeans, but my foray into dresses, specifically the Leann Fit and Flare by Socialite, has also been a favorite. I wear it often.”

Sabrina’s Style Tip 

“Accessories, or accoutrements as I call them, are my “old faithfuls.” They help me to wear things out of my comfort zone. Having those familiar pieces makes it easier to try new things. There are no rules.”

Christian’s Superpower Pick 

“For me, it’s all about the right dress. You can’t tell me anything if I’m in the right garment. There’s something about maxi dresses that makes me feel like a million dollars. Not only do they elongate my legs, but a print gives me so much to work with when it comes to finding coordinating pieces.

Christian’s Style Tip 

“When I print mix, I use prints with matching colors. This way you’re stylish without inviting a new color that’s distracting from your fabulous outfit.”

Annah’s  Superpower Pick 

“I love edgy styles that make me feel cool and confident. I’m a sucker for relaxed jeans with a graphic tee and black combat boots!”

Annah’s Style Tip 

“Tuck in tops. Whether it’s a simple French tuck or a full tuck, it has a way of bringing an outfit up a notch. If you aren’t a fan of how a top is flowing on you, or if it seems to stop at an odd length, try tucking it in.”

Jordan’s Superpower Pick 

“I am in love with Molly & Isadora Acela Boyfriend Jeans. They have an incredible fit that you can wear all day, and they are so easy to dress up or down. I wear them to the office at least once a week.”

Jordan’s Style Tip

“Try different styles. Just because you prefer a classic style doesn’t mean that you can’t also rock a kimono from time to time.”

Jaclyn’s Superpower Pick 

“I would describe my style as the edgy girl next door. I always feel like I’m ready to take on anything in a leather jacket or when adding a pop of color.”

Jaclyn’s Style Tip

“Fun fact: you can add polish to almost ANY look with a leather jacket! The versatile draped styles we have here at Dia & Co are my favorite.”

What styles help you feel unstoppable? Share your superpower picks with us on IG @diaandco with #MyDiaStyle.

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