Having fun with fashion is for everyone, at every size. At Dia & Co, we are always keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s currently trending in fashion—and does anyone else feel like recent trends are a total blast from the past? From bike shorts to flared jeans, 2022 fashion is looking like a blend of every decade from the 1950s all the way through Y2K—and we’re loving it! 

We compiled a list of popular trends that originated in past decades and called them the “throwback trends” taking the current fashion scene by storm. Then we used Google search data to analyze their popularity across the country over the last year. Let’s dive into some serious throwbacks, and learn how these vintage styles are cycling back into modern fashion.

Key Findings

  • The most widespread trends are primarily from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s (Y2K) but we’re seeing a current explosion of trends from the ‘60s and ‘70s. 
  • The most popular “throwback” trends in the U.S. at the moment are cargo pants, bucket hats, fanny packs, and mom jeans.
  • The “throwback” fashion trends that are currently having a moment include rectangular sunglasses (+309%), crochet tops (+124%), and micro-miniskirts (+83%).

The Most Popular Fashion Decade by State

We wanted to know which fashion decade is each state’s favorite. Based on the trends exploding at the moment, Y2K is the preferred decade for fashion trends by a total of 19 states. 

Here are the most popular throwback fashion decades: 

  1. Y2K: 19 states
  2. ‘80s: 13 states
  3. ‘90s: 12 states
  4. ‘60s: 6 states
  5. ‘70s: 1 state

If we take a look at regional trends, Y2K clearly wins out across the South, Northeast, and Midwest. However, the western states maintain their obsession with ‘90s styles. Time will tell if these Y2K trends will remain a fixture of the fashion scene, or cycle through quickly and be replaced by trends more vintage, more eclectic, or even something new.

The Most Popular Throwback Trends in the U.S.

Trends that originated in the ‘90s are all the rage at the moment. Cargo pants and bucket hats (can you get more ‘90s than that?) are tied at the top of the list with 301,000 monthly searches each. Other ‘90s trends making a major comeback include mom jeans (201,000 monthly searches) and combat boots (135,000 monthly searches).

If you like the earlier decades, you’re not alone. Americans are also loving a couple of ‘80s trends: fanny packs (201,000 monthly searches) and bomber jackets (165,000 monthly searches) in particular. But as we mentioned, fashion is looking more and more like a collage of past decades. There are some fun mixes of styles happening right before our eyes! 

For example, Y2K trucker hats are trending at the moment, along with ‘70s-inspired flared jeans, and pearl necklaces that rose to popularity in the ‘50s. The sheer volume of these searches is a testament to how much Americans love them at the moment.

The Throwback Trends That Are Currently Exploding

We didn’t just look at the trends Americans are searching for most frequently—we also peeked at which have seen a large increase in searches over the last year. Trends come and go, and based on their current spike in popularity, you may want to ride these style waves that are trending the most at the moment.

If your personal style favors an even earlier decade, you might be onto one of the many trends exploding right now. Currently exploding trends include ‘80s trends such as oversize blazers and sequin dresses, but they favor the ‘70s and ‘60s. From rectangular sunglasses (+309%) to crochet tops (+22%) and suede vests (+49%), this summer is infused with ‘70s trends. 

Did you know that the A-line minidresses, women’s tuxedo vests, and skinny scarves we’re seeing explode at the moment are all ‘60s inspired? With such trends on the rise, it’s no wonder you see remnants of Jackie Kennedy’s famous looks on the street in 2022. 

We’re also seeing some distinctive ‘50s styles (kitten heels and Peter Pan collars) trending. Of course, we can’t forget the micro-miniskirt, a classic Y2K style that’s certainly having a moment on runways and in street style alike.

The Most Popular Throwback Trend by State

Are you on trend for your state’s most popular throwback style? After we organized the search data by state, some interesting insights emerged. For example, America loves a power suit! This iconic ‘80s style was the most popular blast from the past in eight states: Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin.

We noticed that another, more experimental style is popping up across the country: ‘90s-inspired body chains. This style was most searched in six states: Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and Nevada. Clearly, many of us want to look like Christina Aguilera!

Other styles that are well-loved at the moment across the country are Y2K-themed: Butterfly clips were most searched for in five states, low-rise jeans in four states, and trucker hats in three states. Check out the most popular throwback fashion trend in your state—would you wear it? 

Whether you call them throwbacks, vintage, or retro, styles that have existed across decades have a timeless quality to them. No matter your size, Dia & Co allows you to shop both trendy and timeless styles. Take our Style Quiz and let a personal stylist choose the perfect trends for you.


We compiled a list of 60+ current trends that are indicative of past decades of fashion and used it to conduct a national and local Google search analysis in order to determine the most popular throwback fashion trends in the U.S.