Pride Month means so much to so many people. For some, it’s about the unapologetic celebration of self, others see it as a time of reflection. One thing is certain, for LGBTQIA+ community members, allies and supporters, June stands out as a momentous time of love, acceptance and self-expression. The power of style is an undeniable cornerstone of self-expression during Pride month each year. We caught up with our Dia & Co community members to get their thoughts on what Pride Month means to them, how they plan to celebrate, and of course, what they’ll be wearing. Keep reading for more inspiration on how you can celebrate in style too. Happy Pride!

Lilith (Los Angeles, CA)

My ex-wife of 15 years is still my best friend and we always go to Pride together. Pride has been a safe space for us. It’s somewhere we can be ourselves without fear. The overall vibe is magical—pure love and acceptance.

For the Pride party I went to a couple of days ago, I wore a rainbow fishnet bodysuit over a skintight mini dress. The overall love and acceptance at Pride makes me feel comfortable to dress however I want.

Rachel (Bartsville, OK)

This year I will be working at a booth for our local Pride celebration. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend anything local, this is my small town’s third event. Although I will have to wear a work shirt as part of my outfit, it will be a hot evening in Oklahoma, so I am hoping for a fun maxi skirt or linen pants to pair with it.

Mary  (Birmingham, AL)

To me, Pride is about remembering how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. But  it’s also about celebrating being fully myself! I’m most excited for our parade, I love seeing everyone out and proud! I also worked with a local shop to do a photoshoot featuring our LGBTQIA community.

Nikki (Brooklyn, NY)

Celebrating who we are whether everyone accepts or understands us is what Pride means to me! I plan on celebrating with my friends and family and spreading awareness. This is my first time really celebrating being ACE.  I’ll be wearing lots of purple! Purple is my favorite color and it is just a coincidence that it is also the color for asexuality (purple, white, grey, and black). Dia & Co always allows me to express my personal style which I feel is an extension of myself.

Cassia (Los Angeles, CA)

Pride is the freedom to express your true self! It’s a fun, supportive energy that makes you feel included! I’m going to the Los Angeles Pride parade and hopefully some parties after. I’m excited to dance and see all the fun outfits. I’m wearing a dress from Dia & Co that’s sexy, fun and colorful. It makes me want to dance and break a sweat!

Ashley (Chicago, IL)

I’m an avid ally for the LGBTQ community and have lifelong friends and family members that are part of the community. I feel proud to be able to celebrate with them as an ally. I usually head to Boystown in Chicago for the parade and celebration. I love how inclusive the community is, everyone is just excited to be around like-minded individuals and looking amazing!

I’m currently still on the lookout for my outfit this year. I usually go for something bright and summery that is comfortable enough to wear for a long day of walking and dancing.

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