On the heels of New York Fashion Week, where we saw an alarming drop in size-inclusivity on the runways, this International Women’s Day is an important time to recognize the trailblazers changing the fashion narrative. If there’s ever been a time to rally around making fashion more inclusive, it’s now. Across social media, “Heroin Chic” is the new obsession, with some even turning to weight-loss drugs to achieve a super-thin look and, ultimately, fit into runway-inspired styles. At Dia & Co, we know that all bodies deserve access to fashion regardless of size. This month we celebrate some of the incredible women-owned brands working alongside us to create the honest representation and inclusivity across the fashion industry we all want to see. “Heroin Chic”? More like “Heroine Chic,” women are heroes of this story. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing women-owned brands available at dia.com.

Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor’s eponymous brand was born over ten years ago with a major leap of faith (quitting her Assistant Designer job at Mary-Kate and Ashley’s clothing line, Elizabeth and James) and sheer determination.  Leading the organization as CEO and Creative Director, Tanya is a woman of many talents and a visionary.  Each new collection is designed with true inclusion, focusing on fit and function. Sizes range from XXS to 3X. Tanya uses her influence to ensure women can access clothing that expresses their true style. Elevated painterly prints and unique textures combine to make exquisite pieces for all women.


A fifteen-year fashion industry veteran, Helena has been the visionary behind performance apparel and intimates at major brands like Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and Under Armour. But, when she couldn’t find the right supportive bra in a 36DDD, she knew something had to change. Her mission is to reimagine the future of bras and intimates for women who wear D+.  MINDD, her personal mantra of focusing on what’s Most Important Now, and Doubling Down on it, inspired the brand. Her dedication to the fit, function, and comfort of intimates for all women keeps the mission going.

Mimine AG

Founded by Beninese-French designer Mimine Agbantou, she has worked for renowned brands such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Peter Pilotto, to name a few.  Mimine AG, “Mimine,” a childhood nickname her mother gave her, is a couture brand dedicated to promoting size-inclusivity in luxury fashion. Her London-based company specializes in Couture and Curve Ready-to-Wear styles ranging in sizes from US 8 – 24. These sensual silhouettes are made to enhance a curvy woman’s body with impeccable fit and style.


What do you get when you bring together a Fashion Editor,  a Stylist, and a Buyer? Pure magic, that’s what! When three friends, who also happened to be moms, realized that their wardrobe options were not evolving along with their bodies, swimwear left the most to be desired. So, they set to create the pieces featuring the most important elements missing from women’s swim wardrobes: support and sculpting.  They created Aqualingerie™, waterproof underwear that offers excellent support and function. Along with Aqualingerie™, the trio has fashioned innovative swimwear options, including sculpting swimsuits, sculpting swim belts, and waterproof lingerie. 


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