This past Monday, we launched “We Are All Icons.” Because, as much as we love fashion, there’s little size diversity in its history. So, in elevating the best-fitting plus size jean styles we have at Dia&Co, we started chipping away at the issue of representation with our own unique spin. We took the denim fashion moments we loved most and updated them with plus-size models and our favorite pairs of jeans.

Our CEO and co-founder, Nadia Boujarwah, says, “Size is used as a barrier to keep plus women out of the conversation and hidden from the spotlight. We wholly reject that notion. Representation will always matter, and our mission with this campaign is to propel these images into the mainstream, making space and giving voice to generations of plus women.” To put it simply: We are all icons.

We created “We Are All Icons” to show our community that they’re just as worthy of striking a pose as the models and photos that inspired us, but some of the biggest publications are also taking notice. Bustle, InStyle, and The Curvy Fashionista have all written pieces underscoring the impact that size diversity in iconic imagery can have on all of us.

To find out more about the making of “We Are All Icons,” just press play on the video below. You’ll see behind-the-scenes footage and hear what our models think about being a part of rewriting fashion history.

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