In light of the upcoming holiday, this week’s Dear Ashby focused on keeping a body-positive mentality during Thanksgiving. It can be hard to reunite with family as so often our they’re quick to bring up our size, how our weight has changed, or even shame us for eating too much or too little. This year in particular, with such a divisive political and cultural climate, it can be even more difficult to have conversations that don’t offend or exclude.

In an effort to gear ourselves up for this holiday season, Ashby invited customers Jackie Schwartz and Natasha Nurse to discuss their Thanksgiving plans and share some tips for combatting those negative statements that may come from family members.

As she did in her recent blog post, Jackie offered advice for those who may be nervous about holiday travel, while Natasha told stories about her Jamaican family’s reactions to her body and offered advice on what to say to a family member who is ready to critique your figure.

If you missed it, you can catch the full video to see more of the conversation. Remember if you’re having a rough holiday with the family, you can always get a pick-me-up from the lovely ladies of the Dia&Co National Community Facebook Group!