Wear What Scares You With Jes Baker

Every Sunday in October, Jes Baker teaches us how to wear what scares you—because October is a scary month, after all.

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Jes Baker, author of Landwhale and Things No One Tells Fat Girls, is spending time with the Dia Community every Sunday in October. Her tagline, “Wear what scares you,” is fitting for this scary month. Each week, tune in to Facebook Live as Jes shows off some scarier pieces from her Dia Box—think skin-tight leggings, crop tops, and sleeveless. Jes will break down why we can often feel afraid to show off our body, and what can be scary about flaunting each body part.

Tune in on Sundays in October at 7pm ET.

Here’s the full schedule:


Tune in and come prepared with all of your questions. Jes is happy to answer your questions about how the clothing fits, how you can rock these pieces, and dives deep into why we’re often so afraid of flaunting our figures.