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Here’s the body-positive news you need to know from the week of November 26th.

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As another week comes to a close, we’re breaking down the recent articles about body positivity that either inspired us or made us think. From conversations about the message plus-size fashion brands send through advertising to loving your body no matter what, here’s your full recap.


1. 8 body-positive bloggers, models, and creators on the realities of being vocal on Instagram

When you scroll through Instagram and see the confident poses of the women behind your favorite body-positive accounts, you might not always be seeing the full picture. In this article, influencers talk about why it’s not always easy to be a face of inclusivity—but why, in the end, increasing diverse representation of women is totally worth it.

2. Finding the right way for plus-size fashion brands to advertise

In this Washington Post article, the writer compares two major plus-size fashion ad campaigns to try to figure out the intended message for women. One campaign features a very glam black-and-white shot of a model on the lower end of plus sizes. The other campaign, in contrast, showcases a size-24 model in a tank top and underwear, unretouched. The writer questions whether plus-size fashion advertising always needs to make a statement, or if we’ve only truly become inclusive once it’s just about the clothes.

3. The importance of accepting your body at any size

Actress and musician Alyson Stoner reflected in a post on Instagram about why she chose the photo she did. After almost deciding to go with a different photo out of fear she’d get negative comments about her body, she realized the importance of celebrating her shape, even if it’s changed over time. According to Alyson, “Magic begins when you start accepting yourself in every phase.”

4. One influencer photoshops her body to prove a point

Cassey Ho, a YouTuber known for coming up with popular at-home Pilates workouts, posted a carousel of photos to talk about loving her unique shape. She used photoshopped images to demonstrate the in-vogue silhouettes from the 1400s to today and wrapped things up by sharing one final photo of her body, unretouched. The post featured a reminder to “stop throwing your body out like it’s fast fashion,” and to “embrace your body because it is YOUR own perfect body.”


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