Celebrating Women Who Inspire

This February, give some love to the friends, style icons, role models, and trailblazers who helped you become the bold, accomplished, uniquely amazing person you are.

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There’s nothing more powerful than when women uplift other women—in fact, it’s one of the reasons we love the Dia Community so much. But we don’t always take the time to let the women who inspire our style, careers, and lives know how much they’ve impacted us. That’s why, in the weeks leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’re telling the stories of our friends, style icons, mentors, and role models. Because she deserves to know all the great things we see in her.

Not sure who to celebrate first? Keep scrolling and let the 4 women who inspire the team at Dia&Co get the wheels turning…

women who inspire what i see in her marie denee plus size shimmery dress power pose

Marie Denee

From friends to family members, our community has the power to empower us, uplift us, and encourage us to do things we never thought possible. One of the friends who’s inspired us the most is none other than Marie Denee, the founder of “The Curvy Fashionista.” She was one of the first major players in the online plus-size fashion space and set the stage for countless bloggers, events, and brands to join in moving the industry forward.

women who inspire what i see in her angela o'riley plus size leopard print top black pants power pose

Angela O’Riley

In the plus-size fashion community, it’s the style icons who encourage so many of us to make bold choices with what we wear. One of our biggest style icons, Angela O’Riley, doesn’t just inspire us with her outfits—she’s also changing fashion from the inside out. Whether she’s fit modeling, building a plus-size mannequin, styling Emmy-award winning looks for TV, or consulting for fashion brands, Angela’s had her hand in almost every part of the industry.

women who inspire what i see in her nadia boujarwah plus size red dress power pose

Nadia Boujarwah

It’s the coffee chats with industry superstars or brainstorms with your favorite colleagues that can make all the difference when you’re planning your next career move or gearing up for a big presentation. While the team at Dia&Co is full of women to emulate and learn from, our CEO and co-founder, Nadia Boujarwah, is the one who started it all. Thanks to Nadia’s leadership and drive, the Dia Community was born—and for that, we’ll be eternally grateful.

women who inspire what i see in her yolanda berry plus size pink jacket stars and stripes leggings power pose

Yolanda Berry

The true trailblazers of the world are the risk-takers who pave the way for others to follow—and Yolanda Berry fits that description to a tee. A legal professional and budding fashion photographer, Yolanda is training to climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro next month with the Curvy Kili Crew, a group of 20 #FitToThrive women sizes 14 and up.

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