5 Tips for Career Confidence

Keep reading for professional advice from 5 women whose careers we admire.

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This week, we’re celebrating the mentors and mavens who inspire our professional lives. Even though we’re all capable of amazing things, we all have moments when we doubt just how successful we’re capable of becoming, or imagine that there’s some mistake that’s resulted in where we are today—a phenomenon known as “Impostor Syndrome.”

At Dia&Co, it’s our goal to bring our community the tools to build the best life possible, but style’s not the only way to do that. We reached out to accomplished women from different industries for their advice on combating the negative feelings that can prevent you from reaching your full potential professionally. Here’s what they had to say.

nadia bourjarwah headshot

“Focus on the mission.”

“I believe that women are uniquely resilient—that’s a superpower we have. That doesn’t mean we don’t experience low moments along the way when we may doubt our ideas or our skills. I’ve definitely had those moments myself, especially in Dia&Co’s early days, when we were struggling to raise funding for the company. In those moments when we had to dig deep, it helped me to focus on the mission behind what we’re doing—I’m not sure we would’ve succeeded if we hadn’t been so passionate about the mission we were on.”

Nadia Boujarwah
Dia&Co Co-Founder & CEO

natasha nurse headshot

“Do whatever it takes.”

“If you’re struggling with feeling like you can’t move forward in your career, remember the following: If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you. Life is too short to be worried about the ‘what if’s’. You’ve overcome many obstacles and challenges before in your life, so there’s no reason you can’t get past what you may be dealing with now or in the future. And always be hungry enough for your goals—do your homework, network, and do whatever it takes to keep moving forward!”

Natasha Nurse
Owner/Co-Founder of Dressing Room 8

kara headshot

“Feel uncomfortable and take action anyway.”

“Succeeding on your own terms is possible, but you have to be willing to feel uncomfortable and take action anyway. The brain seeks stability and comfort—it’s been wired by evolution to be that way. If you are trying to progress, evolve, and achieve, you’re going to feel uncomfortable. If you want to blow your own mind, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and keep going anyway. Repeat after me: This is only a feeling, and it isn’t fatal. Put on your seatbelt, brain, we’re going to kick some ass now.

Kara Loewenthail
Master Confidence Coach

tamara malas headshot

“Believe that it can be yours.”

“Get clear on what you want. Often times, we are reaching for promotions and bending over backward for things we don’t actually want but think we should want. If it’s still something you want after doing the work to get clear, visualize yourself already having earned the promotion. What does it look like and feel like? Believe that it can be yours, and follow the steps necessary. Believing in ourselves is more than half the battle.”

Tamara Malas
Founder & Designer of Tamara Malas

louise green headshot

“Remember: You are enough.”

“Women and girls are extremely powerful beings who can show great tenacity and human spirit through hardship and challenge. I believe It is the peripheral messaging that our society and culture emulate that can hinder the potential of women and girls. Remember—any day, any time, any place, and under any circumstances, you are enough. Surround yourself with that ethos and watch your life skyrocket. You are a powerful, tenacious spirit with many gifts to offer the world.”

Louise Green
Dia Wellness Adviser



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