8 Size-Inclusive Dancers to Add to Your Scroll

Jessie Diaz-Herrera of @curveswithmoves shares a list of dancers she’s regularly inspired by on social media—and that you should start following right away!


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We’re always inspired by the incredible women in our community—and plus-size dancer Jessie Diaz-Herrera is no exception! We’re so inspired by the dance magic she shares on her Instagram that we turned to Jessie to give us a list of her favorite dancers to follow so we could continue to be inspired by bodies of all sizes moving in beautiful ways.

Written by Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Dancing is one of the purest ways I find joy. I enjoy watching people move their bodies in ways that express themselves. What’s really amazing about dance is that your style and body can make you dance differently than anyone else. I think of dance as a canvas and the body as the paintbrush. Some of us have wider strokes while others are quick and rigid or soft with slower strokes. Here are some inclusive dancers I’ve been admiring lately. Not only do they dance, but they are powerhouses of movement that exude body positivity!

Pretty Big Movement of @prettybigmovement

You’ve probably seen this dance group on America’s Got Talent, in music videos, or one of their viral videos. Their Afro-fusion-meets hip-hop meets sass is truly entertaining and even more fun to dance to. I’ve had the pleasure of taking a few classes with them and the girl power in the room is always fierce!

Amber Skye of @roguemotiondance

Known on Instagram as The Badass of Belly Dance, this curvy chick with swervy hips is such a joy to watch. Not only does she belly dance, but she also adds elements of hip-hop and other genres into her routines. She also teaches beginners classes and performs in St. Louis. Just watch the way she moves!

Phil Galbert of @funfierceteddybeartv

Phil is a gem! You’ve probably seen him on TRL busting out crazy dance moves, or casually performing with Janet Jackson (no big deal). What’s special about Phil is his advocacy for mental health. He uses dance as an outlet (like many of us) and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, which is something I truly admire about him. Not to mention his dance moves are pretty freaking fierce

Moesha Perez of @moeecatt_

A young, sassy creative—this beauty doesn’t just dance, she sings, writes songs, and has an eye for fashion. Her Lizzo dance challenge video was so iconic it was reposted by Lizzo herself! She gives me all the feels

Amanda Lacount of @amandalacount

Meaghan Trainor, Lizzo, and Katy Perry have all had this dancing queen in their music videos. She has been #breakingthestereotype since she was a dancing toddler but gained recognition after one of her dance videos went viral. Now she is a choreographer, plus model, and young icon for body positivity with serious moves.

Mark Kanemura of @mkik808

If you ever need your spirits lifted, look no further! This former Lady Gaga choreographer and dancer is the remedy you need whenever you need to smile. His funny dance videos, sassy choreography, and beautiful messages will make anyone’s day a little brighter. 

Mark Royale of @fullout_royale

I’ve been obsessed with Mark and his choreography for years. His quick and hard-hitting choreo prove that big bodies can move—and move fast! I had the chance to work with him at last year’s Curvy All Stars event and it was truly a learning experience! His creativity is fierce and his attention to detail and musicality is everything!

Lizzy Howell of @lizzy.dances

You may have recognized this video from 2 years ago when she went viral for her pirouettes! When I saw this, I immediately followed her and her journey.

As a young girl, I gave up dancing around her age because of my body. When I saw her and how she moves and how she was supported by so many, I choked up. She gives me hope that girls won’t give up anymore! Keep shining babe!

Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Follow her at @curveswithmoves.