Dia Community Core Values

Keep reading for the five core values chosen by you, the Dia Community!

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Core values are the fundamental beliefs that we as a community live by—they let the world know what we stand for and how we envision the future that we’re building together. Here at Dia&Co, we have our own set of values that govern us as a business and help us better serve our customers. As Dia&Co continues to grow, we wanted to establish a separate set of core values designed explicitly for our community—including both our customers and those interacting with us on our social channels—that define what makes the Dia Community so special.

So, we asked our Dia Dominos to submit values that they saw as fundamental to the growth and preservation of the Dia Community. From there, we categorized submissions into seven values for you to vote on via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and through our community newsletter, The Fashion FWD.

We are grateful for your votes and the ongoing participation, support, and love you show to the Dia Community every single day. Now, we’re excited to share the final five core values, picked by you, that will officially represent the Dia Community to the world…

dia community woman in buffalo plaid shirt woman with red glasses making heart signs with their hands

1. Wear Your Joy

Fashion should be fun! We don’t take our clothing too seriously. Our style is a reflection of who we are and what we want to project to the world. The Dia Community is an outlet where we all can explore style without judgment.


2. Stay Golden

Respect is in our roots. Dia&Co is a place where we can speak about size-based challenges without fear of judgment. We destigmatize these conversations so our community has the freedom to express our thoughts openly.

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3. Band Together

We share our lives, our stories, and our struggles. We give each other the space to grow and be fully ourselves, creating a home for everyone to express their style. We strive for the truest articulation of ourselves to be who we are, as we are today.


4. Keep Shining

When one of us is down, we all pick her up. When one of us shines, we all shine. We listen, support, and root for one another. Because we’ve chosen Dia&Co as our home, our lives are woven together.


two women laughing in plus size fall boho clothes

5. Compassion Through Fashion

We see ourselves in one another. We are all on different stages of the same journey. As we grow further out of our own comfort zones, we rely on others’ empathy and kindness to succeed.


Looking for ways to join the Dia Community online? Request to join the Facebook group, follow us on social here and here, and subscribe to The Fashion FWD. We can’t wait to see you there!