The Curvy Outdoor Influencers You Need to Follow

Check out the 9 plus-size outdoor enthusiasts who are challenging the perception of what it looks like to be “outdoorsy.”

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It’s rare to see plus-size women in the context of the outdoors. For too long, the types of bodies we saw in ads for outdoor brands were white and thin. But thanks to social media, the digital landscape is changing, and it’s because of women like these 9 to thank! If you’re looking for inspiration to get outside and take full advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer, start by adding these incredible icons to your feed.

Jenny of @jennybruso and @unlikelyhikers

Based in Portland, Oregon, Jenny is constantly hiking through beautiful landscapes and sharing plus-size gear recommendations. Her inclusive community, Unlikely Hikers, is all about “diversity, inclusion, representation, and body liberation outdoors!” Follow Jenny to be inspired to go on your next hike and to see the many different people enjoying the Great Outdoors.

Sam of @samortizphoto and @biggirlsclimbtoo

This Washington State-based influencer and photographer’s first love is rock climbing. She organizes plus-size rock climbing meet-ups and even convinced her local gym to carry more plus-size harnesses for fellow curvy climbers. When she isn’t climbing, you may find her on a paddleboard or in a kayak, but she’s most likely outside adventuring.

Ashley of @ashleysadventures

On her journey through the Appalachian Trail, Ashley brings us along as she jumps into lakes and navigates through forests. Body positivity is sprinkled throughout her posts as she reflects on her own self-love journey while on a very physical journey to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail. Ashley is pure joy and will quickly inspire you to get out there and do as she does.

Jolie of @indigenouswomenhike

Jolie is an indigenous woman who is on a path of “healing through her inherent connection to the land.” She is as educational as she is inspirational, chronicling her interactions with hikers as she shares the stories of the parks they’re visiting. Jolie tells her followers how they can be more respectful of the land they’re walking on and challenges them to learn beyond what their history books taught.

Celeste of @fatgirlforthefitsoul

If you’ve ever thought that your body is too big to be on the trail, you’re not alone. But Celeste will be the first to show you that you certainly are not. A member of the Curvy Kili Crew, Celeste is determined to hike a trail in every state. Whether it’s a small hike or a bigger overnight trek, Celeste takes it all on.

Summer of @fatgirlshiking

Summer founded Fat Girls Hiking, an inclusive community of plus-size women who never leave anyone behind on the trail. She often passes the camera to various women in her community so you can find all kinds of different women taking space outdoors on this account.

Mirna of @themirnavator

Nothing is too tough for The Mirnavator. Mirna Valerio runs, hikes, and climbs her way around the world. She takes on lots of intense races but always seems to wear a smile on her face. You may know her from the blog, Fat Girl Running, but she does so much more than just run. True to her name, she is always motivating women to get outside and get moving.

Megan of @pdxoutdoorchiro

Megan’s a chiropractor based in Portland, Oregon—and oh-so-much more. She climbs mountains, scales trees, and finds a little room for body positivity. She’s genuinely positive but totally realistic about issues when it comes to being plus size in the outdoors, like not having kayaks that fit your body. She is raw and real, but upbeat and fun.

Kanoa of @kanoagreene

Have you ever seen an image of a plus-size female surfer? Kanoa seems to be the only one out there representing for plus-size women surfers everywhere, and we have to thank her for that! She’s constantly in activewear trying new activities—from aerial yoga to paddleboarding to surfing. She has an amazingly positive spirit and speaks like the coach she’s meant to be. If you’re looking for someone to inspire you to take that next step toward your fitness goals, she’s your gal.

Georgina of @discoveringgeorgina_

A stand-up paddleboard yoga instructor, Georgina’s not only a total rockstar on a paddleboard but also at showing us all how to do what she does best. Based in Washington State, you’ll find Georgina rocking a bare midriff sitting on a paddleboard, pretzeled into an impressive yoga pose, and flaunting her incredible balance.










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