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Kendall’s Style Recommendations for Chronic Illness Warriors

Blogger Kendall Rayburn suffers from chronic illness, but doesn’t let that stop her from picking out stylish plus-size outfits. Check out her extra comfy picks to carry you through the season.

Layering 101 by Kendall Rayburn

Plus-size style blogger Kendall Rayburn shows off her layering techniques using some of her favorite items from her Style Edit.

Woman wearing floral maxi dress plus-size outfit.

Dia Expert Picks: Lauren

New York City based Dia Stylist and Community Manager Lauren Brake shows off her favorite pieces from Dia’s latest arrivals that are perfect for hitting the streets of NYC in style.

Dia Expert Picks: Sara

Dallas-based Dia Stylist Sara sifted through our latest arrivals to find her favorite pieces that fit perfectly into her busy mom lifestyle for fall in the south.

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This fall, rule over the season like the royal queen you are. Shop our 6 favorite plus-size styles in jewel tones, available now at

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