Cute Plus-Size Dress Trends We Are Loving This Spring

Move over sweater weather, its dress season!

Warm temperatures are just on the horizon and you know what that means?  Move over sweater weather, its dress season! And what better way to celebrate the end of the longest winter (ever) but with a wardrobe refresh with some great spring dresses. 

Dresses are my favorite fashion staples, because it is literally an entire outfit in one piece of clothing, budget friendly and great for every occasion (even lounging!). They are not as restrictive as most pants, can be dressed up or down and no matter your height, size or shape there is a dress for every body.  

So it should surprise no one that I have quite the extensive collection that continues to grow every season, and this year is no different.  Here are just a handful of the spring dress trends I’m loving and totally recommend that you keep an eye out for this season, along with some Dia options for you to consider adding to your personal collection.

Retro Florals

Ok sure, florals for spring are far from being “groundbreaking,” yet the fact is florals prints were basically made for spring. Retro and vintage ditsy florals are a fun and fresh take on this particular print. Because of the small colorful details of these kinds of prints, it provides a greater range for styling. 

Plus size floral dresses like this Marianne Sleeveless Dress, for example, are bringing back the 90s with this colorful and vibrant pattern. To make the print really pop, you can pair it with a neutral solid color cardigan and gold layered necklace for your next (socially distanced) picnic brunch in the park with friends. Or even layer it with a basic white tee underneath, add your favorite pair of white sneakers and a brown belt for a casual afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

If these kinds of floral prints are not your thing, don’t worry. Muted florals are totally a thing too and they bring a softer, effortless elegance compared to the more playful, free-spirited multi-color floral. 

For these kinds of prints, like the earthy tones of the floral Natalie Cotton V-Neck Dress, accents, such as a plus-size denim jacket or vest can help style it down for more casual wear. It can also be elevated for formal outdoor dining with some strappy sandals and cute top-knot satin headband

Bohemian Ease and Grace

There is something about spring that always brings free and flowy boho vibes to my mind and clearly I am not alone as flutter sleeves and whimsical paisley prints are making a comeback. 

If you’ve shopped our website in the past you probably already know that our in-house brand Downing Studio has plus size boho dresses done right! And this Odetta Smocked Lounge Dress is just the dress for you if what you need is a piece that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Have you ever wanted to live out the fantasy of being like a  Renaissance-era model, lounging on a plush sofa, in a beautiful, and elaborate dress? Well, now this is something we can totally get into with this piece!

It’s perfect for elevated at-home leisure while also being stylish enough to wear out as well. Simply pull the sleeves down to slip from a day of ease and lounging to fun and flirty off-the-shoulder style for evening.

Solids But With a Twist

Solid color clothing options are often viewed as being “too basic” or boring, so they tend to be used as neutrals for an outfit and nothing more. Here’s the thing though, basics aren’t bad and they also don’t have to be “basic.”  They can make just as much of a statement on their own given the proper color choice and detailing such as textured smocking and ruching. Much like this Jenna Smocked Neck Dress which has a smocked torso detail and simple flowing silhouette, making it the ideal sundress.  The smocking not only provides a textured detail for this solid color piece but also stretches allowing for a more comfortable fit that works well with it’s light breathable fabrication.

Even with its bold color, the relaxed fit, breezy full skirt and front button details of this dress make it incredibly versatile. Wear it alone with your favorite animal print flats or with a chambray top over it if you are looking for added coverage for your arms or a layer of warmth, because let’s not forget that early afternoon spring warmth often leads to colder spring evenings.

Given the lack of sleeves, these kinds of dresses are also transitional for even warmer weather; this is definitely a piece to have on hand once the summer sun comes around. 


Which of these spring trends is your favorite? Find your new spring-statement-making dress at!

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