5 Ways We Can Still Move Fashion Forward

How would you like to see the industry move fashion forward next? Keep reading for the answers from 5 members of the Dia Community.

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The fashion industry has made great strides in the direction of size inclusivity, but it’s no secret that we’ve still got a long way to go. That’s why we dedicated our fall campaign to showcasing the changemakers who are, either through fashion or through other industries, progressing the lives of plus-size women everywhere. So, we turned to the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group to find out what you’d like to see happen next. Keep reading for just 5 of the many ways we can still move fashion forward.


1. Make all styles available in plus.

“I would love for the brands that are currently size inclusive to include all styles of their clothing. I have found that only some styles are size inclusive, and the styles I want are not available in my size.”

– Natalie H.


2. Shop in the same section.

“I would like to be able to shop anywhere I want. Why do clothes have to be in a separate section or a special store? Can’t every store just carry sizes 2 through 28 and put them all in the same section?”

– Regina M.


3. Show diverse models.

“When I get a catalog from brands that are size diverse or size inclusive, I want to see models who reflect that. I don’t want to just see a straight-size model with an asterisk next to the item that says ‘available in extended sizes.’ I want to see women of color, short women, tall women.”

– Laura S.


4. Feature women sizes 24 and up.

“I want to see more [size] diversity in plus-size models. I am a size 24 and I want to see more size-24-and-up models in campaigns.”

– Regina W.


5. More options.

“More options for non-femme, androgynous, and unisex styles in plus! And more petites.”

– Jo C.


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