How Dia&Co Does Denim

Learn our secrets to getting the best-fitting plus-size denim in your Dia Style Box.

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There are no universal truths about style—it’s all personal. That’s why each Dia Box we deliver is handpicked for your unique preferences. But one thing we’re sure about, no matter your style, body, or budget, is that every closet deserves a pair of great-fitting jeans. We’ve made it our goal to bring our community the best plus-size denim styles, both through partnering with existing brands and developing our own collections. With the help of our fit experts, we’re confident that you’ll find the right fit with the jeans in your Dia Box.

Here are the 5 ways we do it.


1. We fit styles on all sizes and body shapes.

We all know that denim isn’t one size fits all, yet most brands only fit their new styles on sample-size models. Here at Dia&Co, instead of simply hiring fit models to try the new items, we also bring in team members of different sizes and shapes to make sure the fit is right across the board.

plus-size denim three women in skinny jeans
plus-size denim distressed jeans

2. We take a three-dimensional approach to design and construction.

When some denim styles are designed, they’ll create a pattern as it lays flat, without taking into account the three-dimensional shape of the body. As a result, they won’t fit the curves of the body comfortably. We do things a little differently. When we design or fit a new style, we review it from all angles to make sure it fits every part of you.


plus-size denim woman smiling in leroy jeans

3. We listen to your feedback.

Once a new denim style is added to our inventory, we continue to look to your feedback and make improvements over time. If a style is too big in areas or doesn’t maintain its shape, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. We are always working toward achieving the perfect fit.

plus-size denim yellow skinny jeans

4. We keep our fingers on the pulse of new trends.

In the world of plus-size fashion, we don’t always have access to the latest trends. When we’re developing new denim styles, we look at what’s trending in the industry and put our own unique spin on it. If there’s a wash, silhouette, or detail everyone’s loving, we’ll design a version with your bodies in mind so that you can try it out for yourself.

plus-size denim woman smiling in leroy skinny jeans

5. We add thoughtful details.

We don’t just add great design details to the outsides of our jeans—we also look for ways to enhance the insides and perfect the fit. From elastic in the waistband to supportive paneling, we’ve learned from you what you’re looking for in your dream denim. While other plus-size fashion brands may design their denim to “flatter,” “conceal,” or “smooth” our bodies, we instead look for functional features that make jeans more comfortable and better maintain their shape.



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