How Sierra Packs for a One-Tank Trip

Sierra Holmes of Eclectic Kurves shares how she’s mastered the art of packing for car trips—fueled by just one tank of gas.

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Written by Sierra Holmes of Eclectic Kurves

We all need to get away from time to time, but sometimes we don’t have the freedom to jet off for a week to live our best lives. Regardless, we all need a few days to hit that reset button—and heading to a destination that you can get to quickly to begin your life detox, on a trip that won’t eat up all of your money in transportation, is just what the doctor ordered. I call these one-tank trips, and it’s time you had one!


What is a one-tank trip?

A one-tank trip is a trip that is close enough to home that you only have to use one tank of gas while traveling round-trip. These trips are within a couple of hours of your home, but far enough away for you to explore somewhere new. I’m a Midwest girl, and luckily, my family takes these trips all the time. Driving from Indy to Louisville, Cincinnati, or Chicago takes less than 3 hours, making it the perfect one-tank trip! It’s an affordable way to get away—but the most important part? What to pack!

I’m a sucker for bringing way more than what I need on vacay, but if you pack light and smart you won’t feel like you’ve left anything behind. I love ordering my Dia Boxes for a getaway: one box can get me so many new vacay looks and I can leave my closet behind! My pro styling tip for receiving your first Dia Box? Take the items into your closet to start mixing the old with the new. This will stretch your wardrobe and breathe new life into old pieces you have forgotten about. Also, it will make that Dia Box so much more versatile and affordable when you figure out multiple looks!

Here are five must-haves to have on-hand for your next one-tank trip!

1. Maxi Dress

For me, this is a given. A maxi dress is an entire outfit. You can dress it up with fun sandals or keep it casual in tennis shoes. This type of dress is great on any vacay and works perfectly on a one-tank trip when you’re trying to eliminate luggage.

I love my Olivia Self-Tie Maxi, but you can check out Dia’s full dress collection here and add your favorite to your next Dia Box—just in time for your trip!

2. Flirty Top

A fun, feminine top can really bring out your sassy side for a girls’ night out! Add one to your weekender bag and pair it with shorts for the perfect summer vacay look!

Love my graphic tee? Shop the Megan Lace-Up Tee, and check out these other flirty tops, too!

3. Denim Shorts

Be sure to pack shorts! Long gone are the days we hide our curvy thighs behind long pants in the summer! Embrace showing a little skin on your getaway. Free your legs in this pair of Bermudas, or if you’re interested in a different length or wash, Dia has a ton of super cute denim shorts that are sure to work for your already amazing summer body!

Sierra Holmes of @eclectickurves flaunting statement accessories.

4. Statement Accessories

No look is complete without a statement accessory. From the perfect shoulder bag to trendy earrings or a sparkly necklace, adding a little flair makes your look unique and polished!

Activewear and sneakers

5. Comfy Footwear

Who says walking around on vacay can’t be comfy and cute? Invest in a pair of fun sneakers or flats that can carry you from day sightseeing to a night out with friends. I always pack a comfortable wedge heel as well. 









Throw these five items into your bag and you are ready for a quick trip away with little effort (and little money spent!). Get ready to look good, feel good, and have the fun! The best part? Not spending all of your time in the car getting there! Yay for one-tank trips! Ready to take yours? Let your Dia Stylist know where you’re headed and what you’d like so you can get 5 great items in your next box and save time packing for your getaway. 

Sierra Holmes

Blogger at @eclectickurves

Blogger Sierra Holmes of @eclectickurves