Finding The Perfect Fit: Winter Coats

Finding The Perfect Fit: Winter Coats

Everything you need to know to get the most out of the must-have winter staple.
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Christine Yarde

Let’s face it, sometimes the coat is the outfit. And with so many choices from plus-size puffer coats to trendy printed styles and classic peacoats how do you find a great fit that truly speaks to your style? Here are our top three coat styles for this season and what you should keep in mind when looking for one that fits just right.

Puffer Coats

Puffers can be tricky, if they are too big then the cold wind will whip right through them, but too small you run the risk of  losing all of the plushness and warmth. But when it’s challenging to find a comfortable fit around the bicep, buying your puffer one size up can still help you find a fit that’s just right. The key is to consider how many layers you plan to wear under your coat. Love to layer up? Then it’s a great idea to get a plus-size puffer coat that fits a little looser. If you just want to throw a t-shirt on under your coat and let the plush filling do all the work to warm you up, slimmer fit is the way to go. Like all of your coats, your puffer should fit comfortably enough for you to raise your arms above your head without the hem rising more than an inch. Here’s a great test, when you have on your plus-size coat with all your desired layers, clasp your hands behind your back. If you can do this comfortably without feeling lan restriction across the bust and shoulders, you’ve got a great fit.

Double-Breasted Styles

Peacoats can be challenging to fit for plus-size and mid-size women especially those of us with more ample busts and broader shoulders. This military uniform inspired style is typically meant to fit snugly in the shoulders, arms and across the chest for a more sleek look. But a double breasted silhouette helps to accommodate more ample busts and broader shoulders. The truth is a great fit is really found in the details. You will know your peacoat is too big if the collar does not lay flat on your neck. That’s the key to avoiding back drafts and also giving your look a more polished finish. And sleeves are best no longer than an inch below the wrist to help cover your layers.

Single-Breasted Styles

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for plus-size women to wear single breasted coat styles and look fantastic. But there are some important differences to consider in the styles you select. Single breasted styles tend to be military inspired, their construction is meant to  be reminiscent of the clean cut lines of a uniform. So the single breasted coat is often cut straight from the shoulder through to the hip. For more movement and room try coats with an A-line cut. This allows you to maintain the clean lines of the style without sacrificing a comfortable fit that still showcases your figure. 


When your coat is the focal point of your look, it should fit like a dream. For more fabulous plus size winter coats, shop today and throughout the season.

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