How to Mix Prints

Can’t get enough of wearing prints? Here’s how to mix prints to bring your favorite pieces together for amazingly bold fall looks.

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We get that wearing lots of prints can feel a little scary at first. But, since October is the month to “Wear What Scares You,” we wanted to show you how you can create pattern magic with your closet. And here at Dia&Co, print mixing is one of our favorite ways.

Print mixing is a bold, eye-catching trend that kisses traditional fashion rules goodbye. It can be found on the runway or in chic street-style photos—but don’t let that discourage you from trying it on for size! It can be as subtle or extreme as you’d like. As long as the two prints you’re wearing differ in color or scale, you’re print mixing!

Here are 3 low-risk ways to sprinkle print mixing into your weekly outfit rotation.


1. Keep It All in the Family

The first step to trying print mixing for yourself is the simplest. Just reach for two patterns in the same color family! If you’re planning on wearing a black-and-white polka-dot skirt, swap out your solid white tee for a black-and-white substitute. When you’re pairing monochromatic prints, any combination you put together will look incredible.

The Inspo

plus size black and white jacket and skirt print mixing

Nervous about mixing prints and color at thesame time? Stick with black and white!

plus size mauve separates print mixing

Pair together different-sized prints in the same
palette for a dynamic outfit.


2. Make Classic Prints the New Normal

Once you’re a pro at pairing similar-hued prints, take things up a notch by treating leopard, camo, and stripes as neutrals. Because these popular patterns are typically consistent throughout, they’re a great base for mixing. When neutral prints are involved, mixing three patterns is a breeze!

The Inspo

plus size striped shirt polka dot skirt print mixing

Keep your prints classic—then throw animal print
into the mix with your accessories.

plus size camo jacket and plaid pants print mixing

Step up a casual mixed-print look by stepping
into leopard heels.


3. Remember That Opposites Attract

Just like wearing two prints in the same shades works, so does pairing two patterns in complementary colors. Complementary colors exist on the opposite ends of the color spectrum, like with red and green, yellow and purple, and blue and orange. If complementary shades can be found in two prints, try bringing them together in one outfit.

The Inspo

plus size black and white cardigan leopard pants print mixing

Find prints in contrasting shades that share
one color in common.

plus size blazer floral top plaid pants print mixing

Try mixing a more playful print, like floral,
with a menswear-inspired plaid.


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