How to Rock Jean Shorts Year-Round

How to Rock Jean Shorts Year-Round

Surprise! Your favorite staples aren’t just for summer.

Alicia Berbenick 

A Brief History of Jean Shorts

Jean shorts started the way all great fashion does—through rebellion! Back in the ‘60s, those in the counterculture movement were over the prim and proper ‘50s and wanted freedom to wear whatever they wanted. Shorter shorts? Yes, please. And, if you could cut them from old jeans yourself, creating the precise length and look you wanted, why wouldn’t you? DIY ethics triumphed then and they still do, especially when it comes to expressing ourselves. From the ’70s with Daisy-Duke-inspired cut-offs, all the way through the ’90s grunge era, jean shorts have become a wardrobe staple for all genders, sizes, and ages.

With such an iconic fabric offered in an array of fits, it got us thinking—how could you pull off plus size jean shorts year-round? Here are some of our stylish experiments…

Fall: Jean Shorts + Tights + Flannel

Oh, how we love a good jean short in the fall. Opt for a mid or dark wash with distressed details here, especially if you’re pairing them with opaque black tights. The contrast will achieve a grungy look while breaking things up a bit color-wise. Want to make it a little sexier? Thigh-high stockings should do it ( as long as it’s not freezing out!). And yes, if you’re a big fan of black jean shorts on sheer black tights, this is another totally cute option. Throw on an oversized band tee, flannel, and booties, and you’re ready for apple picking, friends.

Winter: Jean Shorts + Leggings + Off-Shoulder Sweater

You know those times when you really just want to wear your leggings out but need a little more bum coverage? Jean shorts to the rescue! Like our fall look, you can wear leggings under your dark wash jean shorts. Keep it cute and flirty with a ballet-style off-the-shoulder sweater or sweatshirt. Play around with solid or vibrantly patterned leggings to find your signature look. Add faux-fur-lined winter boots and a parka and you’re set for hot cocoa at the ski lodge, you snow bunny, you.

Spring: Bermuda Shorts + Ruffled-Hem Blouse

Want to wear jean shorts in spring? No, you’re not jumping the gun—as we’ve already established, there’s a jean short for that! While everyone else might start rocking their cropped jeans, you can up the ante with Bermuda shorts. Whether you pair your Bermuda shorts with a long-sleeved blouse in April or a tunic in late spring, it’s a great idea to opt for something with ruffles. Since Bermuda shorts are typically long and form-fitting, a voluminous top with flirty details will contrast nicely. If it’s warm enough, go with heeled sandals. If not, white tennis sneakers and no-show socks will work, too.

Summer: Jean Shorts + Anything!

Time for some hot fun in the summertime! It’s time to experiment with lengths—from 4” hot shorts down to 9” Bermudas. Since you already have your darker washes and black jean shorts for fall and winter, grab a nice pair of white jean shorts to brighten up your collection. Are white shorts not your thing? Not a prob. Try a light wash jean short with some distressed details or maybe a pink-colored jean short to keep it polished. Play with rise, too, depending on your height and where you want them to hit. High-waisted jean shorts work for everyone, but especially well for us shorties. They offer fa great midline for styling with crop tops and tied-up button-downs. Out of all the seasons, this is truly your time to play with jean shorts to your heart’s content.

And, as always, Dia & Co is ready to hand-pick jean shorts for your next style box. Just say the word and an expert stylist will send you looks that fit you. Who knows? Their selections might even change your whole outlook on styling.

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