Layering 101 by Kendall Rayburn

Plus-size style blogger Kendall Rayburn shows off her layering techniques using some of her favorite items from her Style Edit.

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We are in love with Kendall’s Style Edit. Rich tones, boho prints, and cozy textures get us in the mood for some serious winter wardrobe upgrades. With so many versatile pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching, Kendall shows us her favorite ways to play with layering items in her curated collection.

Written by Kendall Rayburn.

I love cozy things, like kitty cat snuggles and chunky knit sweaters, which you may know if you read my Q&A. So that you can get the most out of my cozy collection, I’m sharing styling tips using some of my favorite pieces. I carefully selected each item for its versatility, so the outfit possibilities are endless. Read on to discover how I layer and combine pieces to create wearable winter looks, perfect for the holiday season.

Kendall’s tip: When you’re trying out different combinations in this collection aim to pair texture, pattern, and then a solid color for a well-rounded look!

Texture and Pattern

First up is one of my favorite pairings, the Ariel Cozy Stitch Sweater and the Sweeney Circle Skirt. These two paired together create such a cozy and chic look. I love the texture of the sweater and the houndstooth pattern on the skirt, both textures as soft, warm, and perfect for cooler weather. Black and white and grey are a classic, sophisticated color palette you can always mix and match.

Layer on the Abelia Quilted Barn Jacket for even more warmth. Don’t these three items look just darling together? All three of these pieces are so versatile and can be styled multiple ways, making them great staple pieces for any wardrobe!

Kendall’s tip: Texture + pattern + solid = styling perfection.

A Dress Becomes a Skirt

Another great look is the Heather Wool Blend Tunic Sweater worn over top of the Brittney A-Line Dress. The colors blend perfectly together with the warm, blush pinks and the texture you get from the sweater just really makes the outfit pop! I wear the Evergreen Anorak Jacket on top and it really pulls out the greens in the skirt! A gorgeous dress gets more life when you can quickly transform it into a skirt by layering your favorite sweater over it. Versatility is key to having a wardrobe that works for you!

Again, here I paired texture (the sweater) with a pattern (the dress) and a solid color (the green jacket).

Pattern Play

Another fun example of a cute look you’ll be able to create from ***my collection*** is pairing the Orlando Faux Wrap Dress and the Kerry Denim Jacket. I used the rule of texture (knit tights and pearl hairpin) plus a pattern (the floral wrap dress) with a solid color (the aubergine jacket) to pull together this chic look, perfect for an evening at the museum or a lovely date night!






Shop Kendall’s Style Edit to put together your own cozy combinations, shop each of the items featured in this post, and find new ones that will pair perfectly with your wardrobe. 

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