The Perks of Having a Personal Stylist When You’re Plus Size

Dia Stylist handpicking items for customer's Dia Box.

Having a personal stylist is like having your most fashionable friend in your back pocket. Dia Stylists not only help you discover and realize your personal style, but they also provide you with great options that are (and are not!) in your comfort zone. The more feedback and direction you give your stylist, the more your stylist will get to know you, but if you’re not convinced, here are a few other ways a personal stylist can help breathe new life into your wardrobe! 

Dia Stylist handpicking items for customer's Dia Box.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

You get yourself dressed every day. You’re used to seeing the same options in your closet, and you’re used to putting that same clothing on your same body. You have ideas and opinions on what looks best on you, but your stylist doesn’t see those same clothing options through your same eyes—they have a completely fresh perspective on what could look great on you and what styles you should try. Not only that, but your Dia Stylist knows Dia&Co’s vast inventory intimately and can use your preferences to help identify which pieces, bestsellers and seasonal favorites among them, you’d really enjoy. 

Often, we are our own harshest critics and we can get ourselves into a style rut by limiting the types of items we think look good on us. But when your stylist sends you something a bit more out-of-the-box (literally in this case!), it just might help jumpstart your style journey. Sticking to what you believe looks good on you might be limiting. There’s a lot more plus-size clothing options today than there ever have been before, and those options are all at your stylist’s fingertips!

Dia Stylist handpicking items for customer's Dia Box.

Stylist Knows Best

Have you thought that skinny jeans are not for you based on a difficult experience in the fitting room? Your Dia Stylist understands the fit struggle, but they also have access to data about customers who have similar body shapes and sizes to you, who have found the perfect skinny jeans with just the right amount of stretch. So when you receive an item you would never pick for yourself (like skinny jeans) in your Dia Box, know that your stylist chose that item thoughtfully. Before you knock the item that you believe could never work for you, be sure to try it on! You may have never thought you could pull off skinny jeans, but your Dia Stylist knows that you could totally rock it. Trust your stylist, they are there to make you feel like the stylish woman you are.

Keep in mind too, that your stylist can help you with how to wear your new pieces. If you’ve never worn skinny jeans before, they’ll probably tell you to pair them with pumps and the blouse in your box or to give them a go with sneakers and a graphic tee. Your stylist isn’t just sending you clothing—they’re also sending you styling tips so when you get an item you would never pick out, you can understand how to wear and pair it.

Dia Stylist handpicking items for customer's Dia Box.

Your Stylist Gets You

While we often tell customers that each Dia Box gets better and better as your stylist begins to understand your preferences, your stylist already very much gets you because she is you. 85% of Dia Stylists identify as a plus-size woman. They know and understand the fit struggle, so when you see the styling note in the box that reads, “This red dress in your box will make you feel like a total bombshell,” it’s probably because your stylist has had a joyful experience with a similar dress.

The more you can tell your stylist about yourself, the more your stylist can understand exactly what kind of life you lead and what kinds of clothing you need to work with your lifestyle. If you’re a nurse on your feet all day and you like to have comfy clothing to slip into on your off days, you won’t be sent dresses to be paired with heels or statement blazers for the office. The climate you live in, the events you go to, and even the more personal details (like how you hate black clothing because it shows pet fur and you can’t help yourself from snuggling your fur babies!) can help your stylist understand you.

Dia&Co customer tries on a piece from her Dia Box.

Shopping is No Longer a Chore

If you’ve ever groaned about having to head to the store to try on new jeans because your favorite pair has been destroyed, you’d love having a personal stylist do the shopping for you. Not just does your stylist handpicks items with you in mind, but because all items get sent right to your doorstep for you to try on at home. No fitting rooms with bad lighting, no pushy salespeople, no combing through racks to find your size. So, pour yourself a glass of wine (or whatever’s your cup of tea), put on your favorite playlist, and start unboxing. Try on all of the items for your best friend, husband, child, sister, or dog! See what makes you feel good. Sit down, stand up, walk around the house for a bit. Do you feel incredible? Keep it. Do you feel uncomfortable? Send it back in the prepaid envelope that comes in every Dia Box!


What are you waiting for? Sign up for a Dia Box, sit back and relax, and get used to having a personal stylist do the work for you!

Discover perfectly fitting pieces you’d never choose on your own with the help of a Dia Stylist.

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