What’s Your Unboxing Ritual?

4 community members share how they celebrate the delivery of a new Dia Box.

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When you see your latest Dia Box sitting on your doorstep, what’s your first move? Maybe it’s to call your friends over for a fashion show or put on some music and try everything on solo. It’s all about finding the routine that best helps you discover your new favorite styles. Here are 6 women from the Dia Community on what they do the moment their boxes arrive. *Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity and length.


Erin M.

“I stalk the mailman then rip into the box as fast as possible.”

Lisa S.

“My kids and I guess before opening the box how many items will be ‘keepers.’ I read the letter and then hold up each item, taking in all the details. Lastly, I try each item on and think about how I’d style it with other items in the box, my closet, and my jewelry box.”


Michelle P.

“I do my unboxing at a time when I know a lot of my Dia babes are online because they are the most honest women I know. Three more days until my birthday box arrives!”


Liz C.

“I’m excited when my box comes. It feels like a gift—even though I bought it for myself. I read the note, get the pieces out, and then try them on for fit, comfort, and initial impressions. My sister is my fashion adviser, so, later, I’ll do a fashion show and get her take on what to keep. She often has a better sense of what looks good than I do. It’s fun and I really look forward to it. I take pictures so I can post in the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group with my thoughts about my box and contribute to the community.”


Do you have an unboxing ritual? Share it in the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group!