Dia & Co’s Spring 22′ Trend Report

Dia & Co’s Spring 22′ Trend Report

Dia & Co merchant Jackie K. gives us the rundown of her favorite spring trends from designer runways to your everyday wardrobe.
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Spring is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited. Longer days and warmer temps are all we need to break out those colorful pieces we’ve been dying to wear. We sat down with Dia & Co merchant Jackie K. to get her take on the hottest spring trends and how we can incoporate them into our wardrobe this season. If you’re as excited as we are, keep reading! 

"It really is a season of dressing for the self and making any day a special occasion."

 Jackie, tell us a little bit about what you do at Dia & Co.  Have you always worked in the fashion industry?

I’m the merchant for Outerwear, Bottoms, Dresses & Accessories.

 I got my start at the Chanel counter at my local department store in high school, interned at NYFW when the shows were still at Bryant Park, bought for a chain of independent boutiques in Brooklyn, went back to design school nights and weekends, bought for a now defunct department store and now I’m at Dia!  I truly have a passion for the fashion industry.

Let’s talk about Spring 2022, what colors are you most excited about?

The runways were full of these really bright saturated colors, especially orchid pink. It was everywhere!  As a New Yorker my closet is mostly all black, but I discovered that wearing color really bolsters my mood and now I see it as a form of self-care. So sign me up for ALL the bright pinks, oranges and greens this spring.  They are also really prevalent in Dia & Co’s spring collections.

Who were your favorite designers showing plus size/ inclusive fashion on the runway for Spring 2022?

The inclusive Valentino spring couture runway show was a really groundbreaking moment. Pier Paolo Piccioli, the Creative Director of Valentino, said that instead of using the standard in house model to create the collection, he made specific designs for their first-ever size inclusive couture runway.  What really inspired me is that his design process changed as he created new silhouettes, as I always say great style has no size.

"I love seeing how designers interpret the zeitgeist each season, since fashion is truly a reflection of what’s going on in the world. It always excites me to see new styles and ways of putting outfits together.  Getting dressed is an art form to me."

Are there any interesting themes that run throughout the different designer collections?

The biggest theme was this blurring of the lines between casual and evening, work and weekend.  You can tell that the designers are just as confused as the rest of us when it comes to what the new normal is and how to dress during this time.  It created new ways of styling, like utility jackets worn over feminine dresses, distressed denim back to sequin tops etc.  It really is a season of dressing for the self and making any day a special occasion.

Now for the good stuff, what are the trends you are most excited about? Why?

I’m really loving the new boho trend that was on the runways because it was all about creative expression and freeing one’s self.  It wasn’t just a trend but a state of mind!  There was so much beautiful eyelet details and artisanal crochet pieces that can instantly transport you, especially when travel can be difficult.  I think our customers will have a lot of fun incorporating those details into their wardrobe.

 What trends do you think are great to incorporate into everyday style?

Well, I personally believe if you don’t have an “occasion” to wear something to, then make one!  Wearing a boho floral chiffon maxi dress with sneakers while running errands allows you to bring that glamor into your everyday life. A crochet top over a tank top and distressed jeans can instantly transport you to St Tropez (even if you’re just sitting on your balcony with a glass of rose).  Or my personal style hack is layering a sweater under a cocktail dress with some boots.  Fashion is meant to be worn!

What are some easy ways to add more trends to your wardrobe?

The fun thing about trends is that they’re new ideas that we can play with and allow us to adopt different style personalities.  A good trend piece can help you rework several pieces from your wardrobe.  One of the best things at Dia & Co  is Try Before You Buy,  you can try on several pieces at home, mix them up with your other wardrobe staples, and starting planning new outfits.  There’s nothing worse than a new purchase that just sits in your closet unused.  Dia & Co takes out all the guesswork.

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