Leggings For Lunging, Lounging, and Lewks

Leggings For Lunging, Lounging, and Lewks

A guide to styling leggings for everything from working out to going out on the town.

Marlena Matute

My personal style is eclectic with some edge, so I never thought I would actually be a fan of the “leggings-with-an-oversized-top” look, but here I am. Prior to this I only saw leggings as just another piece of women’s activewear that had somehow become a major staple in mainstream fashion. Yup, I was one of those “leggings aren’t pants” people, please don’t come for me, I’ve since come around.


This kind of thinking changed for me about 4 years ago when I was encouraged by a coworker to purchase my first pair of leggings. They were a black faux-leather pair that I got specifically to wear with an oversized V-neck pink sweater I had recently bought. I instantly fell in love with the comfort and effortless style they provided. I have since started incorporating more leggings (both active and non-active) into my wardrobe, even more so as I have included loungewear staples in an effort to polish my WFH style.

The plus-size high waisted leggings I feel, are the laid back, yet stylish cousin to the ever popular, and sometimes restrictive, high-waist jean. They allow you to flex your style while providing optimal comfort and mobility.


Pieces like the Roberta Vegan Leather Leggings give you the style of leather pants with stretch and hold that hugs your curves so that you don’t have to worry about them rolling down when you are out and about – definitely worth the price for that alone. Just put on your favorite casual dressy top, grab pumps and hoops and you’re ready for a brunch with your favorite people.


Though fashion leggings have become a must-have wardrobe staple, the most popular legging options out there definitely live within the plus-size activewear space. And for good reason, with great performance enhancing features like 4-way stretch, wide, flat elastic waistbands for a secure, comfortable fit, and moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry even after the most intensive of workouts. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice pockets! More and more leggings, like the Michelle Performance Leggings, are now available with side pockets big enough to carry the essentials like your phone, and keys.

That is not to say that activewear leggings are all work(out) and no play because some of these newer options are just too cute to just be for the gym. I mean, look at this houndstooth print Catalina Legging from DAY / WON! Paired with the matching sports bra, some chunky sneakers and a denim jacket this is a lewk, perfect for running errands.

With the weather getting warmer the latest legging-trend is the biker short. They provide you with all of the best parts of your traditional active legging, just in a shorter length so you’re able to keep cool even in higher temperatures.


Personally, I have yet to give biker shorts a try outside of using them as chub rub prevention (the struggle is real) under my spring/summer dresses and skirts. But with increasing options like these I definitely want to dip my toe into this trend soon.


Biker shorts at first glance seem to be yet another practical piece of clothing that straddles the line between exercise and loungewear, however with the right additions these too can be chic, and sophisticated.


Coordination is the trend of 2020 that won’t be going away anytime soon and that is clear as most of these shorts also come with matching tops. Activewear tops like sports bras are doubling up as crop tops, wear the set and your outfit is halfway done. Just toss on a jean jacket or even an oversized mesh tee to seamlessly transition between exercise, and rest.


If wearing just a sports bra or crop top isn’t your vibe, try pairing the shorts with a formal top tied at the waist, a blazer and minimalist jewelry like hoop earrings, or a single chain necklace for an elevated, fashion-forward look. You can even make the blazer your pop of color if you find that everything else in this look is a bit too monochromatic.

As for footwear, sneakers may seem like the most appropriate choice for styling biker shorts, however the shorter length provides you more room for trying something a little different and even unexpected, like a pair of color coordinated heels or boots. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong way to style leggings and biker shorts, so get yourself a pair and put your own spin on them if you haven’t already.


Find your new favorite pair of leggings and biker shorts at dia.com!

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