Plus-Size Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Whether or not you have a romantic partner, you deserve to feel like the bombshell you are. Check out some of our picks for plus-size lingerie for the occasion.

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All of us at Dia&Co are big advocates of celebrating yourself and your body—and what better way to do that than with gorgeous plus-size lingerie for Valentine’s Day? Our friends at CurvyCouture, a brand you may recognize from your Dia Active Box, have a Valentine’s Day collection that’s got us particularly excited. So whether you’re a lingerie fiend or are interested in trying out some sexier styles for the very first time, here are some of our favorite looks to celebrate your gorgeous body this holiday!

Blushing Beauty

A lacy set in a soft blush pink will make you feel prettier than the bouquets being delivered on Valentine’s Day. Not only is this set perfect for date night on February 14th, but it is also great for any time.

Depending on your skin tone, this style could be a great alternative to the traditional tan or “nude” colorways and just as discreet under clothing. With soft pastels being a big trend for spring 2019, a lingerie set in that same color palette is a great way to welcome an early spring arrival.

Seeing Red

Red is a powerful color—so powerful, it just might even just be a color that makes you happy. It can elicit a strong reaction of attraction from a romantic partner and is certainly eye-catching. Not to mention, for many, red makes us feel confident! Be bold and confident in this lacy set. Even if it’s layered under clothing, you’ll still feel unstoppable!

Bring the Drama

Add a luxurious robe to your lingerie to make it feel like an outfit in and of itself. If lingerie alone doesn’t make you feel the sexiest, a gorgeous robe with luxe touches will make you feel like a total knock-out.

Beauty in Black

A black lingerie set is iconic. Proudly flaunt your figure in this playful set and add a sheer robe to play up the boudoir feel. Lace, sheer, and faux fur trim make this look feel extremely luxe. Not to mention, a black bra is extremely versatile and will be perfect under anything from a black tank to an LBD to a sheer robe.


What are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and is the perfect excuse to shed those plus size clothing layers and celebrate yourself and your gorgeous figure!