The Pieces & Outfits That Make Us Feel Powerful

The Dia Community and Team Dia&Co on their go-to styles for feeling their absolute best.

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What’s a power piece? For us, it’s that item that you can pull from your closet any day of the week and feel ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Whether it’s a versatile style you can mix and match for the occasion or a head-to-toe look that makes you feel unstoppable, your power piece or outfit can give you that extra boost of confidence.

We reached out to the Dia Community and Team Dia&Co for their favorite power pieces and outfits. Keep reading for these style icons‘ answers and inspire your own look for your next date, interview, or night on the town. *Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity and length.

The Looks

jennifer plus-size power outfits striped cardigan over dress

“I have a power suit for the office and I have a power outfit for the summer, fall, and spring. Sometimes being my nerdy dorky self while being smart casual is my superpower. Oh, and high-waisted tapered pants and blouse at my natural waist are my staples.”

Jennifer S., Dia Community

nikki plus-size power outfits leather moto jacket over t-shirt and skinny jeans with a scarf and a beanie

“If I ever want to feel super confident and bold with my look, I always throw on my East Adeline black moto jacket. It’s a simple piece, but I’ve always felt connected to myself and my style with a moto jacket on as if it’s my own piece of armor.”

Nikki B., Dia&Co Visual Designer

jennifer plus-size power outfits striped dress with denim jacket

“This outfit is definitely for warmer weather, but it makes me feel like the sky is the limit.”

Jennifer C., Dia Community

grace plus-size power outfits turtleneck sweater distressed denim

“Whenever I’m feeling insecure or having a rough day, I know that I can rely on my Molly&Isadora jeans to not only give me a boost in self-love but also make me look super cute with minimal effort. I have never had a pair of jeans that fits me this perfectly.”

Grace D., Dia&Co Video Producer

jocelyne plus-size power outfits embroidered leather jacket red dress

“My embroidered moto jacket with my red Dia dress. I feel confident, strong, and competent.”

Jocelyne G., Dia Community

lisa plus-size power outfits leather jacket leather leggings

“No matter what kind of day or night I’m having, I feel pulled together and completely unflappable when I wear my black moto jacket. It instantly polishes up plain jeans and a tee or adds edge to a dress.”

Lisa W., Dia Stylist

danielle plus-size power outfits turquoise two-piece swimsuit

“Me in my two-piece may not be commanding the room, but I am demanding my respect at the beach! I feel like can’t nobody tell me nothing—I’m looking fabulous and I’m wearing what I want.”

Danielle O., Dia Community

katie plus-size power outfits floral v-neck dress

“This dress is a go-to piece for me when I want to feel pretty and powerful. I can get super glam with heels and sparkly accessories or keep it simple with ankle boots and a clutch. When I wear this dress, I feel beautiful and ready to take on the day or night!”

Katie H., Dia Stylist


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