Fashion Myth Busters with Marlena Matute

Fashion Myth Busters with Marlena Matute

Fashion rules were meant to be broken.
Plus size fashion myth busters.

Marlena Matute

Everyone knows the usual fashion rules – no wearing white after labor day, make sure your shoes match your bag, no mini skirts past the age of 30 and more. But when it comes to plus size fashion the rules get a bit more specific, creating  myths surrounding size and body type. 


Thankfully, the expansion of style options in the last decade or so have helped dismantle beauty standards and these fashion rules, though a fair few still manage to remain. Here are three fashion rules worth breaking this year.

No High Waisted Jeans

This particular denim silhouette has made the rounds in mainstream fashion as being a style that is best left to smaller/straight sizes as the high rise may bring unwanted attention to a muffin-top in larger sizes. Typically the consensus is that plus size bodies with an hourglass or “pear” body shape are the exception to the rule.. As someone who has an “apple” body type that now owns an ever expanding collection of denim,  I can personally say that this is false. Plus size high rise jeans are for all, regardless of body type, you just need the  fit that works for you. As a petite woman, I especially like how they trick the eye into elongating the lower half of my body.

If you’re open to rocking a crop top , (let’s shatter all fashion rules  while we’re at it!) I highly recommend pairing them with these stylish plus size jeans. The Riley Distressed Straight-Leg Jean and the Gretchen Skinny Jeans are great high rise denim pieces to consider adding to your closet this year.

Stay Away From Bold Colors

The idea here is that bright colors bring “unnecessary attention” to larger bodies. Darker shades like black and navy are preferred for their slimming effects. The myth is that bigger bodies should opt to be hidden or at least visually reduced as they are considered to be undesirable. As a native New Yorker, born and raised, black has and will forever have a special place in my wardrobe. But, why should we  limit ourselves to just this one choice?

Plus size woman wearing red plaid pants and red jacket.

Whether you want to use color to bring attention to specific parts of your body or just to add some greater interest to an outfit, never be afraid to go bolder, and make a statement with some pops of color. Sometimes that “pop” can be more like a “bang” like with a solid color longline plus size blazer or the Amelia Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit which are great for special occasion dressing. Or for something more casual for a day trip to a museum you could go for a piece like the Cheryl Lattice Shoulder Top. Currently one of the most popular trends to rise over the last 3 years is styling monotone looks so let’s bring on all the colors!

Avoid Stripes (and other prints)

Much like the aforementioned rule this one has roots in hiding one’s size. For the record, horizontal stripes are considered unflattering on both straight and plus sizes. However, the myth when it comes to prints on bigger bodies is simply that it can make one look larger, even more than wearing colors can. 


When it comes to stripes I’ve found that the key here is to find a piece with structure and/or texture. The Judy Stripe Pullover is one great example of “cozy structure” that can be styled effortlessly with some fleece leggings and knee high boots. Going for a stripe print that alternates between a thinner and wider stripes 


Small ditsy florals and animal prints are just two other prints that tend to be ruled out as the smaller they are the more likely they can be “lost” depending on your size. FALSE. Everyone can wear these kinds of prints and should give them a try at least once.

Plus size animal print dresses like the Fiona Crewneck Printed Sweater Dress are great neutrals to include in your wardrobe. can be styled  up and down in a  variety of ways. My favorite way to style these is to tuck a sweater over my animal print dresses so the bottom works as a skirt. 


Layering not only increases the number of ways you can wear these pieces (more style for less!), but it  can also prove to be very useful once the weather outside gets colder, the added layers will  keep you warm too. 

It’s the start of another new year, and this is the perfect time To wear what you want for you and stop taking these or any fashion rules seriously. At the end of the day there is no one-size-fits all rule for all bodies. Fashion is a form of expression and only you get to decide how to get dressed.

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