A Year in Style Evolution

8 women in the Dia Community on their 2018 style journeys and transformations.

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Here at Dia&Co, we believe that finding your unique style can be powerful—even life-changing. For these 8 women, 2018 was a year of taking risks and further defining what style means to them. As a result, they found new favorite items, upped their outfit games, and boldly went after what they wanted in life and in style. Scroll down for a peek into their journeys over the past year.

I stopped thinking that I couldn't wear something simply because of the size I wear.

The Stories

plus-size style transformation floral dress denim jacket

“Dia has begun to free me from myself, from the stigma of what a big person can wear, and allow a new me to come out. A me I never realized was there.”

Chris P.

plus-size style evolution leopard print cardigan skinny jeans

“I’ve started small this year with trying to showcase my curves more. In a dream world, I’d like to be able to wear a bodycon dress, no cardigan, no jacket—just the dress. That would be the holy grail.”

Danielle F.

plus-size style evolution brown cardigan red shirt floppy hat

“I have only been a Dia customer since February, but my sense of confidence and style have grown greatly—as has my wardrobe.”

Kathy P.

plus-size style evolution polka dot dress coral cardigan turquoise belt

“I have learned to put outfits together and think about style. Who knew that wearing a skirt higher so it was an empire waist would look fantastic? And belts! They have transformed so many of my outfits!”

Jocelyne G.

plus-size style evolution floral tie waist top

“I stopped thinking that I couldn’t wear something simply because of the size I wear. This year I fell in love with skinny jeans and never looked back!”

Julie R.

plus-size style evolution floral open cardigan black lace top white pants

“This year has been about learning that I do not have to wear baggy clothes or just buy whatever fits, regardless of style. It has been about connecting with a community of women who understand.”

Gloria P.

plus-size style evolution moto jacket skinny jeans

“2018 has been another wonderful style journey for me because of getting to know and meet some fabulous style sisters, starting my blog, and becoming a Dia Domino. The list goes on and on.”

Laura S.

plus-size style evolution floral top white tiered maxi skirt

“I’m working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone and being more fearless with my choices. As people, we’re always evolving—and I think our fashion and our style need to reflect our growth, too.”

Regina W.


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