Style Spotlight: Women Who DIY

Searching for inspiration to start your own vegetable garden? Look no further than #FarmerSiSi! Along with putting together killer outfits, Sierra grows fresh produce in her gorgeous garden. Her spinach, tomatoes, and beans are so lush and colorful you might want to take a bite through the screen. Sierra is making farming fashion. 

Faith is taking on the ultimate DIY project renovating her RV. Follow her journey on IG as she pulls down cabinets, sands, paints, and transforms her RV right before our eyes.  We’re so impressed with Faith’s skills, we might just make our own home on the road.

No salons? No problem. California resident Callie is taking matters into her own hands by dying her hair! Get the scoop on the $25 brand that has her hair looking fabulously glossy and feeling great on her IG.

Caroline makes upcycling the old maxi dress in the back of your closet look easy. Who knew that all it took to create a true fashion moment was a bottle of bleach and a pair of scissors. We couldn’t resist watching her work her magic in this IG video. She’s inspiring the designer inside of all of us.

We love self-proclaimed Brooklyn girl Audrey’s  T-shirt transformation skills! The power of a woman who knows how to work a classic tee can not be denied. Check out her feed for more fun fashion moments with statement making graphic tees. 

  Darlene’s home decor is aspirational and we are here for it! Follow her on IG as she shares her tips on arranging indoor plants perfectly and taking dreamy selfies.  

We can’t get enough of these stylish women who do it for themselves, and always look on-point. From outdoor gardening to upcycling an old maxi dress, their IG feeds are inspiring thousands of women to explore their talents and let the creativity flow. Keep reading to learn more about their DIY projects.

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