The Plus-Size Coat Round-Up You’ve Been Waiting For

Is it just me or are we all counting down the days until spring has sprung? Right now New York (that’s where I live and where Dia is headquartered, if you were wondering) is covered in several blankets of snow-several! Leaving the house is like venturing into the wild wild west, and all I can think about is spring. This is the time of year where I wish I could hit the fast-forward button and get to warmer weather. I’m looking up plus-size swimsuits and trying to plan any vacation possible (think white sand beaches and crystal clear waters). But, what I have learned recently is that in looking too far ahead, sometimes you miss the beauty of the moment. And at this moment, I need a winter coat. Preferably one on sale. I am a true sale enthusiast, high quality for less is the name of my game. Towards the end of the winter season is when all and I mean ALL retailers begin discounting coats and winter items. And with planning, you can really get ahead of the game for next winter. If you have a very trendy style, this method of shopping might not be the best for you-what’s hot in the moment (or the future) is always alluring no matter the cost. 

But a good winter coat is a true investment and a quality piece will stand the test of time. And if you can get that quality piece on sale, well then my friends, you have won the shopping game! So here are the top four plus-size winter coat styles that will never go out of style and you can buy them on right now-on sale!

The Puffer Jacket

Formerly $99, now $45 this longline plus-size puffer coat is a winter must-have if you live anywhere in the Northeast. Winters get long and cold and there is nothing like a coat that keeps you warm all the way down to your knees. What I love most about this puffer is that it is fully-lined and it has side zippers, so when you sit you can open it up and make yourself extra-comfortable. Another great feature about this coat is the  knit material on the arms! You heard me right, knit with warming technology-talk about cozy. Buying a coat as a plus-size woman can be like Russion Roulette: will the arms fit or won’t they? With this plus-size coat, that won’t even be a concern. How refreshing!

The Packable Puffer

Since the debut of packable puffers almost a decade ago, I have searched high and low to find one in plus-size that is fashionable and functional. Something about a winter jacket that can keep you warm and also packs easily and quickly just seemed like the answer to all my problems (well, maybe not all of them). If you’re like me, this will be your answer, too. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight material, this jacket is toasty. Formerly $89, now $49 it’s a great investment whether you go for classic black, optimistic lilac or chic burgundy. It’s a casual go-to piece you’ll love for seasons to come. 

The Wool-Blend Coat

At $89, a Lauren by Ralph Lauren plus-size wool-blend coat is a major steal! This piece is the definition of classic with its notched lapel collar, lean lines and single-breasted closure. It adds a level of polish and sophistication to any look—even your grocery run outfit (you know the one with the ratty jeans and beat-up but comfortable sneakers? (yes even that out will look sophisticated under this coat). It works double-duty for special occasions when something crisp and polished is in order. No matter how you style it, this is the coat that keeps on giving.  



Let the shopping games begin!


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