Unexpected Denim

Dia&Co Community Manager Lauren Brake shows us 6 unique ways to rock 3 denim styles.

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Community Manager Lauren Brake is a style standout at Dia&Co HQ because of her unique and bold fashion choices. Thanks to a closet full of mix-and-match pieces and a penchant for trying new things, Lauren is known for never wearing the same outfit twice. So, when we wanted to explore all of the many outside-the-box possibilities for versatile denim, she was our top choice to lead the way.

Keep scrolling to learn how Lauren styled 3 Dia&Co plus-size denim pieces—a pair of skinny jeans, a chambray shirt, and a denim jacket—into 6 iconic ensembles.

Lauren's Looks

plus-size unexpected denim leopard dress over skinny jeans

“I love wearing short dresses in the colder months with tights and booties, but once it warms up, I’m shy about showing my bare legs. In the spring, I pair shorter dresses with super-slim jeans and bold accessories. The dress plays the role of a tunic—and still looks super cool with a jacket or layered over a tee.”

plus-size unexpected denim maxi dress over skinny jeans

“Sometimes maxi dresses need an update! I like to twist and knot my high-low maxis at the waist and create an asymmetrical look that gives the appearance of a maxi top. Wearing skinny jeans underneath adds a bit of coverage and edge to the look while still allowing the dress to take center stage.”

plus-size unexpected denim t-shirt over chambray skinny jeans

“I’m really into graphic tees these days and am always looking for cool ways to make them even more interesting. Layering a cropped tee over a chambray button-up is not only fun and preppy, but also a great way to add a little more coverage when you’re not in the mood to show your belly.”

plus-size unexpected denim t-shirt denim jacket vest skinny jeans

“There’s always that transition between winter and spring when you can’t decide if it’s time to ditch your coat or if it’s still too chilly for just a light jacket. I like to throw a long vest over my denim jacket for an added layer. It feels funky and gives me the right level of warmth. Bonus points for contrasting denim!”

plus-size unexpected denim chambray under jumpsuit

“I live for a good jumpsuit, but sometimes I don’t want to go full sleeveless. A cool way to get around that is by rocking a chambray button-up underneath. This updates the whole look and maximizes its wearability, no matter the time of year.”

plus-size unexpected denim chambray over white tee black maxi skirt

“This one is a bit out there, but it’s definitely a fave! I love to emphasize my waist, so pieces that tie in the middle are my go-to. By folding the top down and using the sleeves as ties, I’m able to make one out of my chambray top. This can also be done with any collared shirt!”


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Photos: Daniel Lehrhaupt