Wide-Width Sandals for Summer

Learn all about our favorite places to shop for wide-width sandals this summer. We’ve rounded up the brands that have the cutest styles made with wide feet in mind.

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When it comes to looking for wide-width sandals or difficult-to-find shoe sizes, knowing where to start can be hard. We put together a list of our favorite places to hunt—plus our shopping tips—so that you can find the sandals of your dreams this summer.


Before You Get Started:

It’s important to know the various widths of shoes so you can be sure you’re shopping for the right size. Sometimes widths will be defined as N, M, W, or WW—narrow, medium, wide, and double wide. But, to get more technical, when you’re shopping for women’s footwear, the standard width is B. Sizes before B, like A and 2A, are narrow. Sizes beyond B are wider. D is wide, and sizes like 2E and even 3E are double and triple wide, respectively. However, when shopping for men’s footwear, D is the standard width. B is narrow, 2E is wide, and 4E is extra wide.

All that said, many brands will only have two width options: regular and wide. If selecting a wide option has worked for you in the past, you likely don’t need to search for widths beyond D. If you’re looking for a unisex shoe style, you may have luck searching in the men’s section. Just select a size that is 1.5 sizes smaller than your women’s shoe size and know that the men’s shoe will have a wider fit. If you need a fit wider than a D, read on to find our favorite places to shop for extra-wide-width sandals.

No matter what, if you’re shoe shopping online, make sure the store offers free return shipping so that you can get the perfect fit for you.


1. Munro

Sizes: 4-14
SS, N, M, W, WW

This Arkansas-based, family-owned business specializes in carrying a wide array of sizes and widths. With price points from just under $100 to $300, these shoes are made to last. Munro specializes in wide-width options and boasts over 50 years of experience creating shoes for wide feet. Check out Munro for the sandals—but come back for the loafers and mules.


2. JustFab

Sizes: 5-12
Regular, Wide, Wide Calf

Known for carrying a broad array of fashion-forward styles, JustFab has an incredibly large selection of wide-width sandals. From gladiators to pumps, whatever trendy style you’re looking for is likely available at JustFab at a reasonable price point—even more reasonable when you become a member. With easy-to-sort filters, browsing the selection for your size, width, and style is simple. Don’t forget to come back in the fall to check out their wide-calf boots, too. However, if you’re looking for size 2E or widths beyond a D, keep in mind that JustFab only carries options in regular and wide, so they may not work for you.


3. Bella-Vita

Sizes: 5-12
Widths: Narrow, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide

This line of leather footwear is known for comfort. All styles come in four standard widths, from narrow to extra wide. Keep this brand in mind for shopping not only online, but also in person at many department stores.


4. Ros Hommerson

Sizes: 4-13
Widths: SS, N, M, W, WW

Specializing in fit, Ros Hommerson has a vast selection of high-quality shoes in a wide range of sizes and widths. With options in the $75-$150 price range, all of Ros Hommerson’s shoes are practical choices for ultimate comfort. You won’t see any painful stilettos in this collection.


5. Walking Cradles

Sizes: 4-13
Widths: SS, N, M, W, WW

This brand doesn’t believe you should have to sacrifice style for comfort. Every one of their shoe styles features a sole that has their patented technology, leaving your feet feeling comfortable all day long. A long day of walking in a shoe that perfectly cradles your foot, no matter its size or width, will leave you blister-free. But don’t just take our word for it—check out their customer reviews!


6. Zappos

Sizes: 4-19
Widths: N, M, W, WW, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, EE, 4E

There is no better shoe selection than the offerings from Zappos. With filtering options that let you choose your width from a very narrow 2A to very wide 4E and lengths up to a size 19, no matter the size or shape of your feet, you’re likely to find your perfect fit. Plus, free shipping and free returns mean you can make sure you love the fit before you commit. (Here at Dia, we love being able to try items on before making a purchase because we understand how important fit is—and it’s just as important when it comes to shoes.)


7. Target

Sizes: 5-12
Widths: Regular, Wide

While the one-stop shop hasn’t always had wide-width options, they just announced they’ll be adding over 100 wide-width styles to their collection in the coming months! Their assortment comes in US sizes 5-12—and this addition of new widths makes their selection even more inclusive. That said, if you’re on the hunt for extra-wide shoes, you likely won’t have success at Target.


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