Coach Tulin’s Advice for Finding Activewear You’ll Love

Coach Tulin stretches.


Plus-size activewear can be a difficult category to shop for. Not only are there significantly fewer offerings available than in straight sizes, but the garments need to perform well when put to the sweat test. Curvier bodied women are often looking for extra support from their sports bras, leggings that stay put, and fabrics that wick moisture. That’s why we turned to Coach Tulin, the ultimate plus-size fitness motivator. Tulin has participated in just about every kind of fitness activity out there and knows exactly what’s needed to stand up to an intense workout.

This post was written by Tulin Emre.

Coach Tulin, wearing a #TeeUpChange shirt.

I was the girl who hated gym class. I found every reason to avoid it. But now, I take time out of each day to move my body in a way that aligns with how I want to feel—and in a way that is fun. I’ve even built a community of followers who tune in regularly to see my workouts. With that, my activewear has to fit and perform like a second skin.

For so long, the industry was creating leisurewear instead of true activewear made to perform for a workout. This led to items like rhinestone tops and matching jogging suits—clothing that did not perform well. Not to mention, the clothing was not designed with the ideology that athletes come in all sizes including plus.

Now that we can discover plus-size activewear, workouts, and influencers that are openly sharing their amazing journey in the way that fits their lifestyle, gone are the days of ill-fitting, blinged-out clothing to hide in! Finally, we have high-performance options and cuts that complement our unique curves.

Because I’m constantly rocking activewear and putting different styles to the test, I’ve determined three key factors that I always consider when shopping for plus-size activewear. I recommend you give them a try, too.

1. Squat Test Your Leggings

I like to do all kinds of different activities. From the yoga studio to heavy lifting at the gym to at-home workouts, I’ve learned that not all leggings are made for all workouts. I always look for high-waisted leggings with compression.  Each legging I try goes through the squat test. I take a deep squat to see if the leggings stay where they are supposed to and that they don’t roll down from the waist. I also make sure that no one can see where the universe split me (don’t want the crack to be visible through my leggings!). During a workout, the last thing I want to do is to adjust my pants. I’ve found that high-waisted leggings with compression hold up even for cardio, HIIT training, and weight training.


2. Look for Words of Affirmation

Wearing what makes me happy, like a tank with an encouraging saying, helps me get through a workout. I find workout clothes with words that inspire me to be so empowering as they remind me of who I am and what I am doing. It’s magical when a word graphic on my activewear aligns with my intentions behind my workout. Words matter, especially the ones we say to ourselves in the quiet of our minds and the ones we wear on our body. In the middle of an intense workout, I often feel like I’m alone with my thoughts. But catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror wearing something so affirming helps give me a little optimism. Our minds believe we can achieve what we think we can achieve, so why not let our minds help bring out our inner superhero?

3. Take It from Gym Life to Real Life

You know that effortless athleisure look? That’s a look I love, so I especially love when my clothing works well for me as I move from running in my workout to running my errands. I’ve rocked all kinds of athleisure looks by incorporating my everyday clothing in with my favorite activewear. From errands to coaching to even speaking on stage, I’m always rocking pieces that allow me to stay comfortable and oh so stylish. 






What do you look for in your activewear? Make sure you let your Dia Stylist know exactly what it is that you love. If you, like me, love high-waisted compression leggings, put it in your profile. If some words of encouragement on a graphic tank get you through the workout, tell your stylist.

Then be sure to snap some photos of you rocking the pieces with the hashtag #FitToThrive. After all, all bodies are fit to thrive and the more visible plus-size athletes become, the more stereotypes we can shatter together.

We turned to Coach Tulin, who puts Dia&Co’s activewear to the sweat test, for her tips on finding the best plus-size activewear for you and your workout.

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