How THINX Period Underwear Changed Our COO’s Life

How THINX Period Underwear Changed Our COO’s Life

Here’s what she had to say about how THINX has changed her relationship to her period and her body.
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At Dia & Co we aim to partner with brands that help women live their best lives—and we are doing just that through our newest partnership with THINX. Their period underwear takes the guesswork out of managing menstruation. THINX undies feature three layers of absorbent technology in the gusset region—an innermost layer of moisture-wicking cotton, an odor fighting treatment, a super absorbent inner lining, and an outermost layer that acts as a leak-resistant barrier. (Mind blown!)

When we heard that one of our favorite Dia team members, COO Valerie Hoecke, was a long-time user of the product, we had to get her story. Here’s what she had to say about how Thinx has changed her relationship to her period and her body. 

" I decided to find ways to better manage my period, by treating it like an important part of how my body functions."

I have a very heavy flow that regularly interfered with my sleep, curtailed long paddles on the ocean, made epic days of meetings and my extensive work travel extra stressful. Overall, I hated my period and felt it was a huge unwanted intrusion in my life, as I think a lot of women do. At some point I just got tired of having this bodily event run (and temporarily ruin!) my life. I decided to find ways to better manage my period, by treating it like an important part of how my body functions. I’ve had some experience training as an elite athlete and I recognized that the care, attitude, planning, equipment, and rest you put into training for sport in an organized way has a huge impact on performance. So I decided to try to treat my period the same way—as a bodily event that required the right attitude, training, equipment, and self care.

I started with a period tracking app (I use Clue) so that I could anticipate my periods, especially since my worst mood swings came before my period. That made a huge difference for me, and I think opened my mind to the idea that there could be a better way to get through this difficult time every month. Understanding my cycle, being able to predict PMS mood swings,  and being able to self-correct for negative attitudes that inevitably pop up with PMS, was a big game changer and gave me the incentive to go further.  I was also able to take vitamin supplements that reduced cramps.


Next I started using menstrual discs to catch my flow. They can handle a heavy flow much better than tampons. In the days of tampons, I’d have to get up 3 to 4 times during the night to change, and I was constantly darting to the restroom between meetings at work. The freedom that came with not being tied to this constant rush off to the bathroom was a big relief.

"For me, Thinx products enable more freedom."

But I still struggled with leaks or what I’ll call “blow outs” from time to time and these were really distressing, stressful, not to mention incredibly inconvenient for me. I resented the idea of wearing a pad in addition to tampons or menstrual discs, and didn’t want any more waste than necessary associated with my period. That’s when I discovered an ad for Thinx on Instagram.

At first, I was a little worried that if I did leak into Thinx it would feel wet and unpleasant, but their products have a very high absorbency and a great moisture barrier. So the sensation is comparable to using pads, but more comfortable because the absorbent liners are integrated with the panties—there’s no shifting around at all. I’m a huge fan of the sleep shorts. I think everyone with a heavy period should have a few pairs! They’re super comfy, convenient and highly absorbent. I’ve had a 100% success rate with them.


For me, Thinx products enable more freedom. Finally, I’m not tied to access to a bathroom for 4 days of every cycle. I can spend more time out on a long, rigorous paddle on the water and know that I won’t end up with a bloody seat! I can sleep through the night in my sleep shorts in a hotel far away and feel assured that I won’t bleed all over the sheets. (I think a lot of people with periods who travel a lot understand this fear – It’s big.)

"Self care isn’t just glamorous face masks and time to read a good book —it’s also better period care!"

My advice to folks trying to take a more body positive approach to managing their  period? Try not to let society’s stigmas dictate how you care for your body. Self care isn’t just glamorous face masks and time  to read a good book —it’s also better period care! A period tracking app can help you anticipate and understand your body’s patterns—especially moods, a game-changer! And then maybe try experimenting with the products that can make having your period a little easier for you, whatever those might be. Here’s to easier [period] days ahead for you!

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