When filling out your Dia&Co style profile, did you realize that you had a hard time articulating your personal style? You’re not alone—for so many plus size women, we’ve had such limited clothing options that we haven’t had the freedom to explore unique styles and enjoy designer plus size clothing. Because the plus size customer has been lumped into catch-all categories, you may realize that you don’t have the words to define your style other than “plus size.” In our “What’s My Style” series, we’re breaking down various style categories so you can best define what works best for you—and today, we’re taking on traditional style.

The word traditional can be confusing. Oftentimes, “traditional”, when referring to garb is referencing clothing that originates from a specific country or faith. Around the world, traditional dress can range from women wearing a sari in India to men wearing embroidered tunics, known as “barong tagalog”, in the Philippines. In this post, we’re breaking down plus-size traditional outfits in a western context. This style can also be called conservative as it usually does not showcase much skin or feature flashier statement pieces. While traditional style has a lot in common with classic style as neither are driven by trends, the difference is that someone with classic style takes risks with bold colors or fresh silhouettes, while those with traditional style tend to stick with tried-and-true silhouettes and stays away from bolder statement pieces.

Here’s an example of a Dia Style Box full of cute plus size outfits for a customer that defines her style as traditional:

Exuding traditional style, this Dia Style Box features a long sleeve printed dress, pink sleeveless top, chambray shirt, grey pants, and yellow wristlet.

To help you get a feel for what traditional style is, here are some good rules of thumb.

You probably have traditional style if:

  • You’ve ever gone back to the store to buy more of those pants you love, but this time in different colors.
  • You find yourself wearing clothes from many years ago because your style hasn’t changed much over time.
  • You know what you like and no matter how the trends change, you won’t be wearing plus size stretch skinny jeans or a crop top anytime soon.
  • Wearing something super glamorous or eye-catching garners too much attention for you.
  • A fashion risk for you is trying something you wear all the time but in a new color or print.
  • Your fashionable friend has encouraged you to try something that terrifies you, though you often see others trying out.
  • Having a stylist or someone else shop for you can be tricky because you don’t like to try items that are far out of your comfort zone.

You probably don’t have traditional style if:

  • You love to experiment with new trends and find new ways to wear the items in your closet.
  • Your style changes as trends change.
  • You’d much rather stand out than blend in.
  • You prefer fast fashion stores with low prices and the latest trends to stores that have the same wardrobe essentials like stylish plus size jeans on rotation.
  • You love having someone else shop for you because it encourages you to try new things.
  • The clothing you wore years ago has been (or needs to be) donated because it no longer serves you.
  • Interesting or unique prints and colors are something you’re always drawn to.

All this being said, traditional style can be a lot of fun! Here are some traditional outfit ideas to inspire you. If any of them jump out to you, be sure to let your Dia Stylist know!

Do the pieces in these outfits look like items from your closet? If so, make sure to update your preferences and let your Dia Stylist know that you’re a traditional dresser.

Are these outfits something that you wouldn’t wear? It’s just as important to know what you don’t like as it is to know what you do! Maybe you are more of a boho babe, a glam girl, a preppy princess, than a fan of plus size blouses or prefer the fuss-free ease of casual style. Or perhaps you’re a combination of two or three styles? Whatever you determine best describes your style, let your Dia Stylist know so you can have the best Dia Style Box possible.

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