10 Super Secret Plus-Size Denim Confessions

When you find a great-fitting pair of plus-size jeans, you’ll go to almost any length to maintain it. From duct tape fixes to spit-up stains, learn how these 10 women have navigated their denim dilemmas.

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We all have denim secrets. That one time a hole in the inner thigh of your jeans grew so big that you stepped in it and ripped the jeans completely. Ot the time your friend told you to freeze your jeans to eliminate the smell and the not-so-frozen ice tray tipped and left you with frosty denim. Yup, we have heard it all…

We asked these 10 influencers to reveal their deepest, darkest denim secrets. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

“I found a pair of denim that, at the time, was the closest I had ever gotten to a great fit. I asked for the exact same jean in the same dark wash and cut from everyone in my family for Christmas and my birthday because I was so scared they would be discontinued and I would be totally out of luck finding a decent fit again. Life before Dia&Co was wild!”


“When I was younger, plus-size clothing was hard to come by. I was too embarrassed to ask my mom to sew my jeans when they would tear on the inner thighs, so I would just duct tape my disintegrating jeans back together until I would come across another pair that fit!”


“I used to sew elastic into the back of my pants because they never fit me properly in the waist. Before that, I’d use safety pins to fold and clip the fabric, but after a few pokes to the bum, I had to adjust my routine. LOL!”


“I used to be a denim hoarder. When I found a pair of jeans that fit (and it certainly wasn’t the perfect fit), I would buy 5 pairs and hoard them because I was so afraid I wouldn’t find a pair that fit again. That fear made me so irrational that I let myself be satisfied wearing the same ill-fitting pair over and over. Not anymore!”


“Now that I’m a new mom, I have to be more mindful of baby issues and how they affect what I wear. My office has Casual Fridays where we can wear blue jeans. One day, I wore my Dia&Co jeans with a huge spit-up stain on the front of the calf portion! I didn’t even notice until I got home—it must have happened when I fed my baby in the morning, and to this day I have no idea how that part of my jeans got that stain. So embarrassing!”


“When I’m breaking in new denim, I go full on old-school gym class. Wall sitting, lunges, and crunches help my jeans fit like a glove. Sometimes you gotta make sure your jeans already know how to move with you!”


Alissa in jeans

“I once went two weeks without washing one of my favorite pairs of dark-wash skinny jeans because I didn’t want the color to fade. Let’s just say Febreeze and I were besties. I learned later on that all I had to do was wash them inside out to retain the color.”


“I have had multiple pairs of jeans that I’ve patched (and RE-patched and RE-patched) in the thighs because I loved the way they fit so much. A great pair of jeans was worth the work!”


“Low-rise jeans were the WORST for me, especially because I have a really deep dip in the middle of my back, so I always looked like I had plumbers crack, even when my actual butt was covered—so embarrassing!”


Meredith in jeans

“I had a pair of jeans that I loved so much, I had a tailor take some fabric from the length and patch up where the inner thigh had worn to shreds!”









Do you have an embarrassing denim confession you’re willing to share? Let us know on social! And let us help you eliminate your denim woes with a great-fitting pair of plus-size jeans—just let your Dia Stylist know you’re in desperate need of Dia&Co denim!