Our Questions, Your Answers: Denim Fit Issues

Imagine finding a pair of perfect-fitting jeans in your size, without having to try on endless pairs in a dimly lit dressing room. Our Q&A has got you covered.

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No matter who you are, chances are good that you’ve once struggled with shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. Each day, our fit experts work hard to make things a little easier. From developing our own styles to finding brands that understand how to get fit right, one of our biggest goals is delivering the absolute best-fitting plus-size denim.

When we create new denim collections, we look to your feedback to discover what we can do next to improve the fit of plus-size jeans. Here are some of the biggest issues the Dia&Co National Community Facebook group faces and what we do to address them. *Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity and length.

plus-size denim fit issues maintaining shape

Denim Issue #1:

Lea D. has trouble finding stretchy jeans that stay up: “I hate having to wear a belt or constantly hike them up.”

Our Solution:

With our jeans, even pairs made with ultra-stretchy denim, we do our best to makes sure they maintain their shape all day long. In fact, it’s one of the many ways we test new styles. And if that’s ever not the case? Your feedback helps us design even better.

plus-size denim fit chub-rub

Denim Issue #2:

Dianna B. buys jeans that “fall victim to the dreaded chub-rub” within the first year she’s had them.

Our Solution:

Part of our process for developing new denim styles includes making sure we’re selecting the best fabrics possible. Not only do we look for fabrics that maintain their shape, but we also prioritize denim that stands up to daily wear and tear.

plus-size denim fit inseam

Denim Issue #3:

Jacqueline Z. hates skinny jeans with inseams that are “six inches below [her] lady parts.”

Our Solution:

We pay close attention to your inseam. Once you’ve measured yours, your stylist will handpick denim styles that work for your height and leg length. Plus, our extensive fit testing helps ensure that every area of the jeans, from the crotch point to where the pockets lie, also aligns with your body.

plus-size denim fit issues fits in hips and waist

Denim Issue #4:

Becky B. struggles with finding the right fit all over. She explains that “if the fit is great in [her] hips, then the waist falls short. It’s hard to find skinnies that are perfect.”

Becky B.

Our Solution:

We know that the right jeans will fit every part of your body perfectly—that’s why we design new denim styles three-dimensionally and review them from every possible angle. Say goodbye to baggy areas and sagging waistbands!


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